How to update a Contact's activity

To ensure all Contacts we have for a company are currently active, all HubSpot users are kindly requested to update the status of a Contact record if they know that the Contact no longer works with the Company (or the email is no longer in use)

Updating a Contact record's activity

  1. Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ Tab on the top left-hand side on HubSpot and select the appropriate Contact/Company area
  2. Select the Contact that requires the update from the list of by locating it via the 'Search'-field
  3. Once the record is open update the field ‘Status with Company’ and press ‘Save’
  4.  Please note the default value of any Contact record on HubSpot is ‘live’ meaning the Contact currently works at the associated company (or with us) updating the field as per Step 2 will also update it in the preview field, making it easier to select the correct Contact when choosing from a Company record or in the shared inboxes (see sample screenshot on a Company record below).