Businesses of every size can benefit from outsourcing their payroll.

When the rules are constantly changing, trying to keep up with them can feel like a full-time job. Did you know that over 1,500 new global payroll regulations have come into play since March 2020?

With regularly fluctuating legislation — particularly in the wake of worldwide events such as Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic — payroll in the UK is a different kind of beast.

The perks of outsourcing UK payroll

With so much to think about when running a global business, trying to stay on top of your UK payroll can be a real headache. And even if you only have a handful of employees, it’s still crucial to get your payroll right.

Choosing a total employer services provider to manage your UK payroll is a simple way to guarantee your employees will be paid on time — every single time. As part of its UK payroll services, a provider ensures compliance across the board and that your payroll is handled smoothly, accurately and securely.

Not only does outsourcing your UK payroll services give you peace of mind, but it also saves you valuable time.

By taking advantage of outsourced services, you can benefit from cutting-edge payroll technology that centralises all relevant payroll information for your UK employees so that they can access the data they need from one managed platform. These platforms also give HR teams fantastic visibility over all employees’ payroll data — in keeping with all GDPR requirements — allowing you to plan ahead, gain invaluable insights and remain compliant.

A payroll service you can trust 

As one of the UK’s leading payroll bureaus, TopSource Worldwide has offices in London, Birmingham and Kent. Payroll is where our expertise lies: we have over 30 years’ experience across clients with a wide range of employee numbers — ranging from just one employee to as many as 20,000.

Our customer base spans a broad range of industries, including clients from the hospitality, construction, security, retail, charity, legal, accountancy/finance, technology and professional services sectors.

Each of our directors and key payroll personnel is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, and all our staff are IPPM Certified. What’s more, we only ever use HMRC-approved payroll delivery systems and are compliant across anti-money laundering, SOX, GDPR and ISO 9000 regulations. In essence, we’ve been assessed meticulously by various upstanding regulatory bodies to give you confidence that our systems are efficient and trustworthy.

UK payroll for charities and accountancy firms

As well as providing UK payroll services for businesses of all sizes, we have experience supporting accountancy firms and charities with their payroll requirements.

We’ve developed a back-office white-label solution for accounting firms to ensure your client’s payroll processing is entirely compliant with all legal reporting requirements. Our role is to act as a silent partner to guarantee both you and your clients receive a seamless service.

Within our accountancy offering, we provide a variety of reporting and system options that you can expand into timesheet processing, ROTA, holiday management, auto-enrolment and HR systems. These pieces of software are supported by a team of experts who are on-hand to advise you with any news or changes to payroll and employment laws and policies. What’s more, you’ll also have round-the-clock access to our online payroll system.

We also offer a tailored service for charities to meet their UK payroll requirements. We recognise that charities operate differently from other businesses and have very specific needs when it comes to payroll. Why focus your energy on payroll when you have something as important as a charity to prioritise?

Our comprehensive portfolio of payroll services is available for UK-based charities or social enterprises. With confidential and compliant support from our experts, your not-for-profit organisation can have all payroll matters tackled through a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

To outsource your payroll in the UK and save yourself time, get in touch with our team and benefit from our global employer services today.  

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Published On: August 20th, 2021Last Updated: March 10th, 2022

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