And I don’t expect this to change in 2020!

As we turn over another year, it is traditionally the time of year for lists, top 10s and reflections on the 12 months just passed.

So, this month we look at my 3 most commonly asked questions of 2019! Perhaps some of these are questions you would like answered or are questions that have been asked of you…

  1. “How quickly will my employee have a contract of employment sent out to them?”

    The TopSource Worldwide team can, and frequently do, send out finalised employment contracts with 3 days or even less. But the important thing to consider here is that several of the steps involved depend on the employing business and the employee! This is especially so if it’s the first time we are hiring for our client. Examples of things where our client or the intended employee can impact the timeline would be, the former’s approval of the employment contract or the latter’s provision of their personal details. If it takes a week for these things to come back, that’s a week more before the final version goes out.

  2. “What happens if it doesn’t work out with my employee?”

    The meaning behind this question is usually “How much is it going to cost me?”. And what a difficult question to answer! We will, of course, apply our expert knowledge of the employment law of the country, but the big dependencies are how long the person has been employed and what it was which led to the intention to terminate them. These are unknowns when the question is posed. One important thing to note here is that most countries in which we employ don’t have the same concept of “employment at will” that our US clients will be familiar with; some severance may well be due and we will apply our experience to make sure statutory minimums are met and an agreeable outcome negotiated.

  3. “Why do you think TopSource Worldwide is the best global PEO provider?”

    Easy! We’re privately owned and put the customer, not the shareholders, at the centre of everything we do. We are debt-free which means we aren’t going to run into financial issues while we’re holding our client’s money. We are long-established so have gained loads of valuable experience and we have a client retention record which is the envy of our competitors. We utilise the latest technology in the delivery of our service and also boast the one thing nobody else can claim to have, the brilliance of our kick-ass team!

You may have different questions and I will always be happy to answer them.

Do get in touch with me, Sam Barnes, on or call (+44) (0)203 1370217.

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Published On: January 1st, 2020Last Updated: May 25th, 2022

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About the Author: Paul Sleath

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