The conventional tools of leave management like paper forms, excel sheets and emails hold organizations and employees back from scaling and growing. The lack of a streamlined system leads to mistakes, resulting in pressure on resources , payroll processing errors and even legal complications.

Small and medium businesses are primarily on the cusp of growth, and technological advancements with a leave and attendance management system could help the company stand out from their competitors.

With over 80% of employees’ timesheets requiring corrections, it’s time to evolve to new employee leave and attendance management systems.

Did you know that employers lose around 4.5 hours per week per employee to time theft? Approximately 75% of companies lose money from buddy punching, one of the most common types of time theft in corporate organizations. Although it’s not always intentional, growing companies can’t afford this time theft and need a more regulated payroll outsourcing and leave and attendance management system.

What is a Leave and Attendance Management System?

An employee leave management system helps record, monitor and track employees’ time-off requests and manage leave requests workflow. At the same time, it ensures that an employee’s absence from the workplace doesn’t impact the business or productivity of the workforce. Along with tracking leave, a good payroll outsourcing and leave & attendance management system also synchronizes employee leave, shift timings, and holidays with payroll for automated processing.

A sound employee leave management system eases the workload of HR services and follows all the statutory compliances for the company, enabling timely and accurate payments.

Why is Leave and Attendance Management Important in India?

Indian companies are now competing with global giants in multiple industries. However, people are the power of most businesses, and if your employees are overworked, they are often unproductive. An employee leave management system helps process time-off requests fairly, accurately and efficiently.

Without an automated process, handling leave and managing attendance becomes a significant task for managers, HR staff and workforce management teams; making it difficult to focus on their core activities.

Streamlined attendance and leave management are essential to protect the vital resource in your business – human capital. It helps reduce attrition rates, minimizes fraud, and saves time and money for the organization. When companies choose a payroll outsourcing and leave & attendance management system, they can ensure meticulous track time reporting and reduce absenteeism, tardiness, and overpayment.

What are the Features of a Good Leave and Attendance Management System?

When you’re embracing technology in your HR services, knowing what features to look for in a payroll outsourcing service is essential.

  • A Comprehensive Dashboard

An all-in-one dashboard helps employees and managers track leave balance and days off on the go. Plus, HR staff and managers get access to holiday lists, department schedules and workforce coverage to evaluate leave requests promptly.

  • Cloud-Based Online Employee Leave Management System

Rather than opting for an on-premises payroll outsourcing service, choose a cloud-based solution that offers multi-channel and on-the-go access. It also eliminates the need for software installations and updates. As a result, your employees can apply, approve and reject leave requests on the go.

  • Customized Approval Workflow

Choose a payroll outsourcing and leave & attendance management system that allows you to customize the workflow and set up a department hierarchy. The streamlined processes ensures that the pre-defined workflow auto-populates when an employee selects the department.

  • Seamless Integration with Other Software

Legacy software is outdated, archaic and contributes to data silos. For a growing business, you need a solution that integrates with your existing software for better time management and statutory compliances. Your employee leave management system must be flexible and adaptable to your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Built-in Reporting

Your leave and attendance management system should offer built-in reporting modules to generate interactive reports based on specific data. As you can access employee and company-wide reports, you can analyse patterns and acquire actionable insights for future business changes.

On the lookout for a trusted employee leave management system?

The One-Stop Solution to your Leave and Attendance Management Challenges is here – Portico HR from TopSource Worldwide.

Portico HR is a secure, web-based modular application that over 200+ clients in India use for 80,000+ employees. Designed and developed by TopSource Worldwide, Portico is ideal for IT, manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceutical, shipping and many other industries.

How is Portico HR Different?

  • SaaS based

Companies don’t need to invest in hardware or software, making it a highly cost-effective solution for SMBs.

  • Self-Service Solutions

With secured access and easy self-service modules for employees and managers, Portico saves time and effort.

  • Multiple Modules

The application offers modules for leave management, attendance management, project timesheet, training and e-learning, performance management, expense claim management, and much more on a single platform.

  • Accessible to Use

The system is simple to understand and easy to access.

  • Automation

Did you know that employees who log in their timesheets manually have an accuracy of just 66%? The fully automated application helps minimize errors and delays.

Key Features:

  • Easy On-Boarding

All the onboarding checklists are managed online, enabling faster employee inclusions in the application.

  • Compensation Structure

Companies can define the compensation structure with flexible and non-flexible components and choose the most beneficial salary structure.

  • E-Resignation

Employees can resign online and track approval. The e-exit checklist also helps manage the entire process online.

All employee personnel records can be digitalized for easy access.

  • Quick Letter Generation

Standard letters like offer letters, transfer letters, and promotion letters can be generated in one click and released to all employees together.

There are over 200+ pre-defined reports and query builders to generate your own reports.

  • Auto Email Alerts

Get event-based alerts for work anniversaries, birthdays, etc., to improve your HR services.

Portico HR is one of India’s best leave and attendance management systems and used by many organizations because it simplifies the role of HR staff and minimizes the effort from employees and managers. As a result, employees of every organization focus on their core tasks and are more productive and proactive at work. It also helps the organizations follow the statutory compliances and avoid fines and loss of trust while preserving the company’s reputation.

TopSource Worldwide offers comprehensive solutions for HR services, payroll, and leave and attendance management for companies of all sizes in India. We have been a global partner for companies that have wanted to automate leave and attendance management for many years.

Backed by a team of exceptional professionals, experienced leaders, and HR experts, we’re proud to bring to you, India’s best leave and attendance management system.

Set your team for success by empowering them with the latest tools and technologies for leave and attendance management. There’s so much you can do with Portico. Get in touch with us to know how you can get started!



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Published On: June 29th, 2022Last Updated: July 19th, 2022

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