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Why choose TopSource to help support your NGO expansion?

The TopSource Worldwide team boasts an unrivalled breadth of support for global NGO expansion, offering local expertise in almost any region or entity. We're a true one-stop shop for any type of establishment and local presence required. 

We have experience working with over 100 non-profit organisations and a team specialising in global NGO solutions.

Our extensive global employment advisory services guide you through every step of your expansion journey, from the planning and preparation stage to ongoing support and compliance management.

Our clients get a dedicated point of contact and we offer comprehensive HR, EOR and payroll services for non-profit organisations, including higher education providers. See how our experts can empower your future growth.

Explore our range of global NGO solutions

Entity set-up, registration & licensing

Leave the admin, stress and complexity of global entity management to us. We can set up legal entities for your NGO in new territories, or assume the management and official responsibility for your existing ones, so you don't have to worry about payment delays, currency conversions or unnecessary bank fees. Our entity setup, payroll compliance and simplified accounting processes help you overcome legal, border and time-zone barriers.

Our global entity setup solutions for non-profits include:

  • Entity advisory and establishment
  • Local tax and employer registrations, bank account setup
  • In-country NGO licensing

Outsourced account and reporting

Let us take the strain of handling your day-to-day accounting processes when expanding into new countries. TopSource can take care of your purchase-to-pay transactions reliably and quickly while seamlessly managing expense claims, order-to-cash, reporting and reconciliations.

Enjoy modern, dynamic accounting expertise for less, including: 

  • Outsourced, in-country accounting and reporting
  • Any applicable local tax and levies filings, such as VAT
  • Ongoing reporting and communications with your organisation headquarters

Non-profit payroll services

Whether you're expanding into new countries or you need to run payroll in multiple territories concurrently, TopSource has simple and cost-effective non-profit payroll services for all your global needs. We ensure your payroll always runs accurately and on time, thanks to fully compliant processing for even the most dispersed teams. Offering experienced global payroll experts and access to skilled chartered accountants, we give you confidence and peace of mind that your payroll will be seamless and compliant.

Our payroll solutions for NGOs include:

  • Global payroll management
  • Withholding and payroll tax submission
  • Regular review and compliance management

HR services for non-profit organisations

Hand the risk of expanding into a new territory to us as your global EOR service provider. You can take full advantage of our experience and expertise with employment law in more than 180 countries, and let us assume the responsibility of establishing your legal entity. We can help complete employment contracts, manage employee benefits, and manage hiring and onboarding processes end-to-end. That way, you can test the waters of global expansion quickly, easily and with full compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our global HR services for non-profit organisations include:

  • Locally compliant employment contract and benefits setup
  • Leave tracking and benefits administration
  • Immigration and foreign country work permits
  • Expatriate assignments
  • Training, mobility and performance monitoring
  • Background checks

Statutory compliance

TopSource Worldwide's team of global experts know the ins and outs of employment laws and regulations across the world. Working with us gives you peace of mind that you'll remain compliant, in whatever regions you're looking to expand.

Our statutory compliance solutions for global NGOs include:

  • Statutory compliance calendar management, including license renewal and annual returns
  • Non-profit payroll and employment law compliance
  • Tax, financial reporting and compliance

Global advisory and M&A support

Mergers and acquisitions often lead to large-scale organisational and logistical changes, leaving NGOs exposed to various risks, challenges and global employment requirements. TopSource can support you throughout the process. 

Our global advisory services for non-profit organisations include:

  • Entity support during global M&A processes (tax, HR and accounting)
  • Employee transitions and personnel management
  • Tax office queries and local accounting compliance 

Employer of Record (EOR) services for NGOs

With our EOR services for NGOs, we take care of onboarding, payroll, benefits, tax, foreign exchange, insurance and more, and we’ll even assume the legal responsibility - leaving you to focus on growing your organisation.

Benefits you'll enjoy include:

  • Fast deployment to get started in new regions quickly
  • Easy NGO expansion - leave the legal entity responsibility to us and streamline the set-up admin
  • Stress-free experience with access local, in-country support every step of the way

Common questions about global NGO expansion

We just received a grant for a project in a new country. How do we hire and operate there?

Depending on the urgency, duration, and scope of your project we can assist you either through Employer of Record (EOR), by registering and supporting a local nonprofit in-country on your behalf, or a combination of the two. We would be happy to advise (at no cost of course) which fits your specific priorities best.

We have a foreign entity that has been dormant for years. How can we tell if we are compliant, or if we owe any penalties?

We can perform a “health check” on your registration within days to a couple of weeks, and help you bring the entity back to good standing with the local government.

We just set up a nonprofit entity in a new country, are we tax-exempt?

Tax regulations for NGOs differ by country – oftentimes charitable activities are exempt from VAT and income tax automatically, but in many cases, additional applications are required. We can quickly assess these for you, and help you apply for any beneficial status you may not already have.

We are pursuing a grant/donation, but the funder requires a local bank account. What do we do?

We can determine if receipt of this funding requires setting up a new entity and bank account, and if so we can prioritise the incorporation for you to receive the funds ASAP.


Benefits of our dedicated NGO expansion services

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Get dedicated support from experts that care

We establish your non-profit organisation in-country, obtain tax-exempt status, get grants, file immigration paperwork, and comply with local labour laws and reciprocal tax agreements. Whether you're beginning your expansion journey or operating in different regions, we take a highly responsive approach and provide dedicated support.

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Establish your NGO in-country

With deep, in-country support and a global team of accounting, finance, tax, legal and compliance experts, we’ll streamline your operations, giving you cost savings and improved efficiencies. We’ll also make sure you comply with country or industry-specific licensing or staff screening requirements. 

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Employ staff competitively and compliantly

Employ new staff the way that works best for you – via your own in-country legal entity, through TopSource Worldwide’s in-country legal entity or on a contractor basis. We can handle your ongoing non-profit HR requirements too, including onboarding, payroll, leave tracking and benefits administration. 

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Reduce your risk of non-compliance

Staying informed of fast-changing labour, legal and tax reporting requirements in multiple countries can be extremely hard work. We can do this legwork for you, so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your non-profit organisation is compliant.

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Expand your NGO at pace

  • Quick deployment: get started in new markets quickly and gain a first-mover advantage
  • Easy NGO expansion: leave the legal entity responsibility to us and streamline your set-up admin
  • Stress-free experience: access local, in-country support every step of the way
The process

How it works

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Give us your EOR instruction

We’ll onboard your NGO and employees via a dedicated account manager.

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Start hiring and onboarding talent

With our support, you can grow your team in new territories quickly.

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Leave the responsibility to us

We ensure your NGO's employees are hired legally, smoothly and ethically.

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Focus on your NGO's future growth

While you make your organisation a success, we take care of day-to-day payroll and HR.

With TopSource we were able to have employees hired or maintained in Nutreco without having to establish an entity in these countries for only 1-2 employees. I think most countries are covered by TopSource, so they can help us with almost all cases. Good advice on conditions and direct contact with employees. Invoicing done directly to the company. An easy process compared to hiring employees by ourselves.

Annette van Duijnhoven

"We searched the market for a local payroll vendor in 2014 and we chose TopSource as our partner. We were looking for error free and timely payroll processing and TopSource Worldwide delivers this, saving us time and money. We have worked together for 8 years now and would recommend them to anyone.”

Praveen Lihinar
Sungard Availability Services India Pvt Ltd

TopSource Worldwide has a detailed and methodical onboarding process that made it easy for us to get set up and running with our UK employee. They were able to take the worry out of trying to comply with all local laws and regulations. Because they have this knowledge we do not have to research on our own and hope we are in compliance. This has saved us hours of time and gives both the company and employees a sense of security.

Client based in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

”We’re thrilled to have helped create a dynamic new employment solutions group, backing a highly talented team in a high-growth market. Now we’re looking forward to helping the group grow even faster.”

Vice President of HR
Client based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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