Make sure your UK employees are paid correctly and on time — every time — with our UK payroll services.

UK tax codes, laws and rules are changing more rapidly than ever before: from a statutory point of view, PAYE payroll has changed more over the past five years than it has in the last 20 years. Over the years, the payroll function has also become increasingly complicated — from managing pension auto-enrolment to furlough (something many businesses had never even heard of before the pandemic). So, the question isn’t should I outsource my UK payroll? The question is: who should I outsource it to?

TopSource Worldwide is one of the leading UK payroll providers with offices in London, Birmingham and Kent. We bring decades of experience and expertise to your operations and have a proven track record of success.

Unlike traditional payroll bureaus that follow strict working structures, we’re flexible and adapt our solutions to suit you. Whether you have 20,000 employees or one employee, it doesn’t matter! We’re experienced with and happy to deliver both small and large payroll — providing a wide range of services that go beyond basic payroll functions.

Benefits of our UK payroll service.

Complete UK payroll management service

A comprehensive spectrum of payroll management services with a range of reporting and system options. Leaving you to focus on your business.

Team of UK payroll specialists

Dedicated support from your own expert account manager, with UK payroll expertise.

Access to highly skilled chartered accountants

Ensure payments and budgets are managed professionally.

Low implementation & setup costs

Low implementation and setup costs compared to traditional SaaS models

Secure 24/7 access

Safe, transparent access to payroll systems and data, all backed up by the latest security procedures.

Sophisticated payroll systems

With the agility to support existing technology and work with third-party solutions.

Our UK payroll outsourcing services:

  • Are truly comprehensive, offering a full spectrum of payroll management services — from registering with HMRC and pension providers to PAYE gross-to-net payroll calculations and end-of-year processing.
  • Include a huge range of reporting and system options, which can be expanded into timesheet processing, ROTA, holiday management, auto-enrolment and HR systems.
  • Provide secure 24/7 access through our online payroll system — ensuring you and your staff always have access to up-to-date and correct information.
  • Guarantee compliance with all legal reporting requirements and are managed by payroll specialists to ensure quality is built-in.
  • Give you access to highly skilled chartered accountants, who are on hand and ready to advise you at any time.
  • Are fully supported via our local support centres in London and Kent

We’ll act as your partner and make sure you remain compliant and stress-free — keeping up with the latest payroll legislation so that you don’t have to. Anything you need, we can do.

So, if you’re looking for payroll outsourcing services in the UK, get in touch — we’re here to support you where you need it most.

Payroll for UK companies

Looking for payroll in Scotland?

Highly efficient & effective solutions that benefit from our flexible & adaptable system – ensuring you stay in control of your Scotland payroll.

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TopSource Worldwide UK payroll stats

years in UK payroll business
clients across every sector in the UK
NPS score for UK payroll customers*

*Based on 37 interviews of TopSource Worldwide’s current payroll and accounting clients carried out by Fairgrove Partners

How it works.


Choose us as your UK payroll partner

Get on-boarded by your dedicated expert account manager.


Pay employees on time, anywhere

Leave employee service management to us and ensure your people are paid on time.


We take on the responsibility of local & national law compliance

We’ll ensure your outsourced UK payroll adheres to all new employment & payroll laws.


You focus on your growth & expansion

Do what you do best and leave your outsourced payroll management to the experts.

Need advice on the best UK payroll solution for your business? Let us help.

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Who do we work with?

As well as local UK taxation rules and labour laws, many industries have specific payroll requirements that must be considered. Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of clients in both the private and public sectors. Our customer base spans a broad range of industries, including hospitality, construction, security, retail, charity, legal, accountancy/finance, technology and professional services. We also offer specialist UK payroll services for accountants and charities.

UK payroll for accountants:

Accounting firms will often require a back-office white-label solution to ensure their clients’ payroll processing is entirely compliant with all legal reporting requirements. We have years of experience working with accounting firms to deliver their entire client payroll operation.

UK payroll for charities:

Our specialist charity payroll services cover a range of not-for-profit organisations or social enterprises — accurately, confidentially and compliantly tackling all payroll matters through a simple, cost-effective and tailored solution.

What our UK payroll clients have to say.

  • Supervisor – Client based in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

    TopSource Worldwide has a detailed and methodical onboarding process that made it easy for us to get set up and running with our UK employee. They were able to take the worry out of trying to comply with all local laws and regulations. Because they have this knowledge we do not have to research on our own and hope we are in compliance. This has saved us hours of time and gives both the company and employees a sense of security.

  • Lisa Galeaz-Weber – HSP Group

    In my role as Director of HR & Admin at a global company, I work with 7 different payroll/EOR/PEO companies. TopSource services us for both the UK and Jersey. TopSource is an incredible partner and in the very top tier of those companies, I work with. They are knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with, extremely fast in responding, and overall make my job so much easier. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with TopSource and their extraordinary team!!

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Our UK payroll certifications

When it comes to outsourcing payroll, you want to be confident that your provider’s system, process and technology platform will work effectively. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction and deliver our promised service value through the effective application of system and process assurance and full compliance — and we’ve been rigorously assessed by various regulatory bodies to ensure this is the case.

You can trust our payroll and accounting systems and process and technology platforms because:

  • All directors and key personnel are established and qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
  • Our UK payroll delivery is accredited by the Payroll Assurance Scheme
  • We only use HMRC-accredited payroll delivery systems
  • Our staff are IPPM certified
  • We are fully SOX compliant: SSAE-18 (SOC Type II, formerly SAS 70)
  • We own and operate two UK BACS-registered bureaus
  • We are anti-money laundering (AMLR) registered and compliant
  • We are ICO registered to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • We use fully credentialed third-party hosting and DR providers
  • Our quality management system complies with ISO 9001 for process management
  • Our payroll delivery bureau has achieved the ISO 22301 and BSI 25999 Business Continuity Planning accreditation

Frequently asked questions.

It can feel like a huge undertaking to switch from one payroll company to another or an in-house team to a third party, but we have streamlined our onboarding methods so that the change is a simple, hassle-free experience. We can totally take over your payroll processing responsibilities in as little as four weeks, utilising our many years of experience to ensure your move is as easy as possible. We provide templates to capture all the details and work with you to transition smoothly.

Payroll can be outsourced at any time during the year and doesn’t need to be linked to the end of the tax year. TopSource Worldwide has robust processes that allow a seamless transition even during mid-year and ensure all statutory filings and compliances are adequately covered.

NI is short for National Insurance and is a deduction from an employee’s wages that goes towards their NI contributions. NI is used to fund state benefits, such as the NHS, and state pensions. NI is calculated based on an employee’s earnings, and the amount deducted will depend on whether the employee is classified as a ‘Contractor’ or an ‘Employee’. NI is deducted by the employer and paid over to HMRC along with the employee’s PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax contributions. NI is divided into two main categories: Class 1 NI, which is paid by employees, and Class 2 NI, which is paid by self-employed individuals. There are also other types of NI that apply to specific circumstances, such as Class 3 NI, which covers voluntary contributions, and Class 4 NI, which covers self-employed profits.

Yes, absolutely. TopSource Worldwide has adopted best-in-class industry practices to ensure client data is secure. TopSource Worldwide is ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certified, and our processes are SSAE-18 compliant. These processes and controls are validated annually through independent audits.


Everything you need to know about UK Payroll.

Payroll is one of the most crucial and time-sensitive jobs in any business, but UK payroll has changed more in the past five years than it has in the last 20. So, what do you need to consider before tackling it?

UK payroll rules are constantly changing, which can make the regulatory landscape difficult to navigate. Here’s everything you need to know about running PAYE payroll in the UK and the pros and cons of taking your payroll in-house or outsourcing the service to a payroll provider…

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