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TopSource Worldwide is one of the leading UK payroll bureau with offices in London, Birmingham and Kent.

We have over 30 years of delivery expertise and over 1,000 clients across every sector. We are experienced with and are happy to deliver both small and large payroll as our biggest client has over 20,000 employees and our smallest clients have one employee.

Why use our UK payroll services?

As one of the UK’s leading payroll companies, we’ve developed sophisticated payroll systems for a range of clients in both private and public sectors. Our customer base spans a broad range of industries including clients from the hospitality, construction, security, retail, charity, legal, accountancy/finance, technology and professional services sectors.

Our full and comprehensive spectrum of payroll management services include:

We’ll act as your partner and make sure you remain compliant and stress-free — keeping up with the latest payroll legislation so that you don’t have to. Anything you need, we can do.

So, if you’re looking to outsource your payroll in the UK, get in touch — we’re here to support you where you need it most with our payroll services.