“Although we have only worked with TopSource Worldwide for a few short months, we have received exceptional PEO service and ongoing customer support. With our headquarters based in the United States, we were initially in search of a PEO that could provide us consultation and support regarding foreign payroll, compliance and employment legislation. TopSource Worldwide has fulfilled these needs and they have created a process for us that has been highly efficient and straight-forward from the beginning.

Most importantly, TopSource Worldwide was able to begin providing services within the short deadline we were looking for. TopSource Worldwide has not only saved us an excess amount of time and money, but they have also provided continual support and insight. Overall, TopSource Worldwide has been very responsive, resourceful and flexible to any issues/concerns that have arisen during our time working together.”

- Director of Business Operations for a TopSource Worldwide client based in Texas, USA

”TopSource has helped us to get a team of people up and running overseas in a very short period of time.  The admin overhead for us is minimal; the employer portal is very easy to use, and payroll can be approved with a click of a button.

 The customer support team is supportive and knowledgeable, both when responding to us as the customer and to our overseas team.”

Melanie Guy
Head of People Experience (UK, APAC & North America) - Webexpenses

"I first came across TopSource 10 years ago when I was working at Peyton & Byrne. I then brought them in at a later role at Focus Hotels because I wanted to improve our processes."

- Admirality Arch

With TopSource, I can’t think of anything for improvement. If I want something, all I will do is go straight to Richard, and I can guarantee an email within the hour. With TopSource, you will have the ability to go straight to one of the directors of the company and say, ‘Look, this is my issue, how are you going to deal with it, what can we do?

- Quadrant Recruitment

“The TopSource Worldwide team we work with is excellent. They always make an effort to accommodate our requests and be as flexible as possible to meet our business needs. Although there is a 6-hour time difference between us, they manage to be responsive and provide prompt service. It continues to be a pleasure working with TopSource Worldwide!”

- Finance Controller for a TopSource Worldwide client based in Chicago, Illinois, USA

”We’re thrilled to have helped create a dynamic new employment solutions group, backing a highly talented team in a high-growth market. Now we’re looking forward to helping the group grow even faster.”

Thomas Maizels
Director - Horizon Capital

“TopSource Worldwide has been successfully managing our payroll and benefits for our Cambridge office, for the last couple of years. They have been very helpful in any hiring process and have assisted in putting together competitive benefits packages for all employees here in the UK. They are a valuable resource to us by assisting with our Health and Safety policy.

On an administrative level, their monthly operational processes make it very easy to track expenditures and payroll and keep everything transparent. They also manage our UK bills and supplier payments, which is very useful to us. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any US business looking for a compliant solution to hiring in Europe.”

- Director of Marketing for a TopSource Worldwide client based in San Diego, California, USA

“TopSource Worldwide has a detailed and methodical onboarding process that made it easy for us to get set up and running with our UK employee. They were able to take the worry out of trying to comply with all local laws and regulations. Because they have this knowledge we do not have to research on our own and hope we are in compliance. This has saved us hours of time and gives both the company and employee a sense of security.”

- Supervisor of an employee for a TopSource Worldwide client based in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

“We have been very, very pleased with the quality of service you and the team have provided, I hope we can partner even more in the future.”

- Vice President of HR for a TopSource Worldwide client based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

”We’re thrilled to have helped create a dynamic new employment solutions group, backing a highly talented team in a high-growth market. Now we’re looking forward to helping the group grow even faster.”

Thomas Maizels
Director - Horizon Capital

“As a small company looking to hire one person overseas, navigating local employment laws was a daunting prospect. Topsource Worldwide made it really easy to hire our preferred candidate - they manage payroll and all the local employment requirements for us so we can focus on what we do best.”

Kirsty Pitkin
Chief Executive Officer - TConsult

“We have a very complex structure and are dipping in and out of emerging markets all the time. TopSource Worldwide have been really happy to take the pain for us, and even going in and setting up in new markets where we’ve had requirements in countries where they haven’t previously been operational. It’s a small enough team that everyone knows what the state of play is with the client and so the whole process is well-coordinated and painless. We just need to provide a job description and some basic parameters, put them in direct contact with our people on the ground in our countries and it feels like it’s an automated process from our perspective.

The main benefit to us, aside from indemnification & risk management from a financial perspective, is that our employees feel properly looked after and legally protected, and we’re making the requisite payments to tax authorities so that things like state pension contributions etc. are fully captured. I would be happy to take a phone call if anyone ever needed to understand from a client perspective what the experience is, but I am very happy to recommend TopSource Worldwide as a provider for our requirements around “umbrella” cover for locally based staff operating where we’re not yet incorporated.”

- Global Head of Human Resources for a TopSource Worldwide client based in London, UK

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