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Why Should You Expand Your Business?

Client Advisor Team Leader
June 8, 2020

While a growing number of companies are expanding overseas, many are yet to take the leap. However, expansion is crucial to increase profits and reach new customers.

Expansion could involve increasing physical locations or offering more products or services. For example, you may want to diversify your revenue stream so that you aren’t reliant on selling just one core product or service. Equally, if your business started on a relatively small scale, you may NEED to expand to handle an increase in volume.

When you’ve exhausted growth opportunities at home, global expansion can help to grow your business. If you’re on the fence about taking your company global, consider these key benefits of international business expansion

Advantages of business expansion

1. Explore new markets

Once your company has been successful in your home country, it’s time to look at international expansion. For many businesses, global growth offers a chance to conquer new territories and reach an entirely new customer base — meaning you’ll be able to generate more business and increase sales.

2. Gain a competitive edge

Expanding internationally allows you to escape an oversaturated market — helping to reduce the effects of tight competition. Plus, businesses that expand into markets where their competitors don’t operate often have a first-mover advantage, which allows them to build strong brand recognition to support future business ventures, such as contract negotiations, new marketing campaigns and further expansion.

3. Opportunity to diversify

Keeping your business in the domestic market can limit profit potential and leave you exposed to market changes. Taking your business international allows you to diversify your assets, an action many businesses take to protect their bottom line and stabilise their revenue. For example, if the market is slowing down at home, being able to tap into a global market will help cushion the company through unforeseen events or during difficult economic times.

4. Access fresh talent

Another reason to expand overseas is the opportunity to access new talent pools. Hiring international employees can bring a whole host of advantages including advanced language skills, diverse educational backgrounds and new perspectives. Plus, local workers will have the expertise needed to communicate with and service customers in that country (without the complications of time zones and language barriers).

5. Reduce costs

Many companies have found it advantageous to move some of their operations to other markets due to varying statutory employer costs in different countries. Equally, it makes financial sense to have a base in the country where you’re supplying your products or services. Economies of scale also play a part here. As your business grows, you’ll likely be ordering larger quantities — meaning vendors and suppliers will be more incentivised to provide you with discounts or strike up a good deal.

Disadvantages of business expansion

While there are plenty of fantastic reasons to expand internationally, global expansion is not without challenges. Expansion into new territories isn’t something to take on without thorough research into the market and a good understanding of the pitfalls of growing too fast.

Regulatory Challenges

Before entering a new market, it’s also vital to consider the regulatory and cost hurdles associated with employing workers overseas. Every country has its own employment laws to contend with — which can be daunting for even the savviest businesses (and a major obstacle to expansion across borders). This is why many companies choose to engage a Global PEO when expanding internationally.

How TopSource Worldwide Can Help

If you’re unsure about managing payroll overseas, onboarding new employees or completing visa applications, TopSource Worldwide can take full responsibility for all employment issues, improve cost structures and reduce risk by keeping you on the right side of compliance.

We’re here to help you grow. Get in touch with TopSource Worldwide today to take the first step of your global expansion journey.


In conclusion, expanding your business internationally presents a multitude of benefits, including tapping into new markets, gaining a competitive edge, diversifying revenue streams, accessing fresh talent, and reducing costs through economies of scale. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenges, such as regulatory hurdles and employment laws, that come with global expansion. Consider partnering with a Global PEO like TopSource Worldwide to navigate these complexities and embark on a successful global expansion journey.


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Nena Petrovic
Client Advisor Team Leader
Nena Petrovic is the Client Advisor Team Leader at TopSource Worldwide, a leading Global Expansion services provider. She oversees and guides a team of client advisors, who communicate and collaborate with clients effectively. She is responsible for ensuring the accurate and timely processing of client invoices and payroll, as well as developing strategies and maintaining a client-centric approach.

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