Employing in Angola

With a recent history dominated heavily by Portuguese colonisation and a civil war that lasted a quarter of a century, Angola’s chequered and challenging history has had a major effect on its politics and people. Still firmly classified as a developing nation, Angola is attempting to shake off political instability, corruption and the effects of the bloody civil war to become the world’s fastest-growing economy.

The world’s second-largest Portuguese-speaking population is still to benefit from the vast reserves of crude oil and diamonds that are being extracted by nations like China and the US. Angolans face some of the lowest wages in the world and have little access to healthcare, education and basic amenities.

Hiring in Angola is still extremely informal and there is little in the way of employment law or worker protection. Many employers are non-Angolan corporations focused on the petrochemical industry, with workers paid cash in hand with little in the way of contracts. However, Angola is actively working towards a diversified economy and improved working conditions, with more being done to improve both wages and workers’ rights.

Why use TopSource Worldwide in Angola?

  • To expand quickly into new and emerging markets.
  • To move long-term contractors to a compliant solution.
  • To provide a stable workforce for your business and to offer your new employees the same benefits and security as other staff members within your organisation.
  • To reduce risk.
  • To ensure legal, HR and Payroll compliance in the country.
  • To reduce suppliers and complexity.
  • To reduce cost vs. a ‘traditional’ set-up for a small number of employees.
  • To reduce processing and back office time.

We appreciate each situation and business is different. That is why we offer a consultative and bespoke solution to every client. Personalised job specifications, job offers and benefits packages are all agreed upon with you during the set-up process. We know one size does not ‘fit all’.

What EOR & PEO services do we provide in Angola?

  • Full employment model – the individuals are employed by us in the country.
  • Simplicity – we provide one monthly consolidated invoice for the services provided inclusive of salaries, taxes, fees and employee expenses. This reduces banking costs and your finance team’s time spent.
  • One point of contact – once the employees are on-board you have a single Account manager looking after all your Payroll, HR and Legal questions.
  • Compliance – all funds payable to the employee are processed through payroll. You receive monthly evidence of taxation paid to the competent authorities in the county.
  • Human Resources – All employees are employed on a native contract of employment. The contract is reviewed by you before issuing.
  • We assist with the legal navigation of the onboarding and termination of employees.
  • All services are provided by in-country experts that are professionally qualified (Payroll, Legal & HR) in their respective field.
  • Electronic payslips for all employees.
  • All Statutory filing are completed by TopSource Worldwide.

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