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An employer of record, sometimes known as an international PEO can help you quickly hire and onboard workers in Jordan – often with just two weeks’ notice. Establishing your own local entity without risk and saving costs, this type of service makes an EOR in Jordan worth checking out!

Jordan’s strategic position at the heart of the Levant, political stability and open business environment make it an attractive base for businesses looking to expand into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Limited in natural resources, Jordan’s key strength lies in its highly qualified, flexible and cost-competitive workforce.


A combination of high public investment in human resources, industry-specific education and institutions that are strongly committed to vocational and on-the-job training has resulted in a multi-talented and bilingual labour force.

This dynamic nation offers one of the region’s most vibrant environments for innovation, research and development. Paired with the high availability of venture capital and Jordan’s globalised, liberal and forward-thinking society, these characteristics provide a sound environment for international companies to find key talent, business assistance and a willing government partner to enable their growth into the MENA region and beyond.

Country Guidelines

Salary Information

Salary currency

Jordanian dinars (JOD)

Salary (month 13/14)

Salary (month 13/14) Each six month two salaries

Continuation of Salary Payments

Every worker is entitled to 14 days a year of sick leave with full pay based on a report by the medical practitioner approved by the establishment. Sick leave may be extended to a further 14 days with full pay if the worker is hospitalised and with half pay if the worker is not hospitalised but provides a report from a medical commission approved by the establishment.

Every worker is entitled to 14 days a year of paid leave to follow a ministry-approved worker’s education course, upon their nomination by the employer or manager of the establishment in coordination with the trade union concerned.

Every worker is entitled to four months of unpaid leave if they wish to study in an officially recognised university, institute or college.

A special leave may be granted to a worker to take unpaid leave once for a maximum period of two years to accompany their spouse if the latter is moved to a workplace in a province other than the one in which they normally work or abroad.

Every worker is entitled to 14 days a year of paid leave to go on pilgrimage, provided that they have been in the employer’s service for at least five consecutive years. Such leave shall only be granted once during the worker’s period of service.

If both parties are agreed, a worker has the right to have leave to take up trade union office.

Statutory Benefits

Social Security

Employees should be registered with the Social Security Corporation.

Employer costs

Employers pay 14.25% of the basic salary if the employee is registered with social security.

Probation periods

Three months minimum. Six months maximum.

Working Hours in Jordan

Working hours

Normal working hours shall be eight hours a day and shall not exceed in any one week 48 hours over a maximum of six days, excluding meal breaks and rest periods. Working hours shall not exceed that limit except in cases stipulated by the Labour Code.

Rest periods

In excess of six hours a day, minors shall be granted a rest period of at least one hour after four consecutive working hours.


A worker may be employed by an employer in excess of normal working hours, provided that they are paid overtime in accordance with the Labour Code, in any of the following cases:

  • To perform the annual inventory, finalise the budget or close the accounts of the establishment, or to prepare for a sales period (provided that such work shall not account for more than 30 days a year and that maximum effective hours of work on any such day shall not exceed 10 hours)
  • To avoid losses in goods or any perishable material, for the prevention of any technical hazards related to a technical type of work or to receive, deliver or transport specific material
Notice period during probation

No notice period required from either the employee or the employer during probation.


What are the rules on terminating an employee’s contract of employment?

An employee can be terminated in case of being uncompliant with the contract’s code of conduct.

Holiday Entitlement

What is the statutory annual entitlement?

14 days

When does the holiday year run from and to?

Usually 1 January to 31 December. However, it could be from the start of the employee’s contract if applicable.

Is it permitted to carry forward holiday entitlement to the following year?

Yes, only for two years.

Public Holidays

Saturday 1 January
New Year’s Day
Sunday 1 May
Labour Day
Monday 2 May
Eid al-Fitr
Wednesday 25 May
Jordan Independence Day
Saturday 9 July
Eid al-Adha
Saturday 30 July
Islamic New Year
Sunday 9 October
Prophet’s Birthday
Saturday 25 December
Christmas Day

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