When it comes to running a global workforce, you want to find ways to make your international operations run smoother — without cutting cut any corners.

One of the biggest tasks facing businesses embarking on their expansion journey is providing timely, compliant and seamless payroll. And when you’re operating across multiple jurisdictions with employees requiring payment in various currencies, global payroll quickly becomes a complex and time-consuming undertaking.

So, what if you could not only shift the burden of your international payroll but also streamline the process at the same time?

Outsource to the experts

Payroll outsourcing services from an international payroll provider are the key to paying employees around the world. Comprised of a team of in-country experts, an outsourced payroll provider has experience and breadth of payroll knowledge in dozens of different locations, working with you to give you peace of mind that each of your employees will be paid the right amount and on time — every time.

A payroll service provider manages all aspects of your employees’ payroll for you, reducing the complexity of paying salaries in different countries and giving you greater flexibility over your global workforce.

And the best part about outsourcing a fully managed global payroll service? Having all your payroll activities under one umbrella — forget about using different providers with different processes and platforms in each country.

Digital is the solution

Whilst the pandemic was a catalyst for the transition to a more online world, the rapid development of new technologies has equipped businesses with more tools than ever to expand internationally. And research from CIPP indicates that nearly 80% of payroll professionals believe technological advancements would make their payroll operations more effective, with 62% stating technology would reduce the costs associated with payroll processing.

So, when choosing a provider to outsource the management of your global payroll, it’s essential to ensure they offer an up-to-date online platform or document exchange ‘portal’.

TopSource Worldwide’s secure, cloud-based Portico platform gives you access to all your reports and admin documents — meaning you can view and manage everything you need from anywhere in the world via one user-friendly, online storage facility. Plus, this HR system also acts as a neat piece of onboarding technology so that you truly can payroll anywhere and employ everywhere.

Bespoke interface

TopSource Worldwide’s multi-country online hub offers a highly detailed and customisable onboarding form that collects the correct data for each employee. This feature ensures employers can access and collate the right information quickly and efficiently when hiring and paying employees around the world, making it easy to identify if anything has been missed.

Employers can also customise who has access to what information via a clear and simple dashboard that suits you and your employees. Giving your employees access to only ‘need-to-know’ information is integral to maintaining confidentiality and security across your organisation. By customising this platform to your business’ payroll needs, you can have total confidence that the right people are viewing the right information with no concerns of any data mishaps.

Working with TopSource Worldwide gives you a single point of contact for the global market, giving you a personalised service via a dedicated client management team. We know that one size can never fit all, so we always adapt our solutions to our customers’ specific requirements.

Readily accessible

TopSource Worldwide’s portal gives employers total visibility and transparency over each of their employees’ payroll data, offering a clear breakdown of their pay each month.

As an employer, you can see who’s been paid what amount at the click of a button, giving you the control and assurance that each member of staff is paid correctly and on time. No more complex payroll information — just clear data that’s easy to follow. It’s a win for you and a win for your employees.

Guarantee compliance

Payroll data is some of the most sensitive personal information available, meaning it needs to be handled with the utmost care. The online platform that comes with our payroll outsourcing services keeps your employees’ data safe behind password-protected firewalls and authenticated logins — meaning your payroll information is completely secure.

This customisable platform goes hand in hand with the strength of our global teams’ abilities to adapt solutions to our clients to ensure full local compliance. We keep your business on the right side of compliance when it comes to local data handling regulations — no matter where in the world you’re operating.

Save time

Our global platform means you no longer need to spend time manually inputting data, reducing the scope for human error and boosting efficiency. Outsourcing your international payroll management to a payroll provider like TopSource Worldwide will free up valuable time for you to spend on the more strategic aspects of your business and allow you to continue on your global expansion journey in 2022.

Are you ready to embark on your global expansion journey? Why not enlist the help of a global payroll company with a centrally managed platform to make the process simple and enjoyable? Send us an enquiry to find out how you can benefit from our international payroll services.

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Published On: February 18th, 2022Last Updated: March 10th, 2022

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