HRMS or Human Resources Management System in India can be defined as a suite of software applications that aid in managing human resources and other processes related to the employee lifecycle. It allows a company to have complete information about its workforce while staying compliant with dynamic rules and regulations related to labor and taxes.

Even though the HR department is the main user of the HRMS solutions and is responsible for reporting, compliance, and performance, the benefits are reaped by the entire company, including the employees and the managers. HRMS allows the generation of data and reports that give an in-depth understanding of workforce trends and help in understanding business implications.

From creating a compensation structure to generating pre-defined reports and from online boarding/resignation/exit to auto email alerts for work anniversaries, HRMS can offer immense benefits to a business.

Funions of Human Resources Management System in Indiact

An efficient and modern HRMS solution may cover several components with different levels of focus. Some functions of HRMS may be described as below:

  • Candidate Management

This is related to the employment offers made by your business to candidates. The section focuses on candidates applying for jobs in your company, externally, and on current employees who are applying for internal jobs. From resume management to bringing the hired candidates on board, candidate management takes care of everything involved in hiring employees.

  • Employee Engagement

Human Resources Management System in India in this area allows employees to acquire a new skill, become a mentor or complete a training course. The more the employees are engaged with activities, the more productive they become. Employee engagement is an important component in executing the vision of any business.

  • Employee Management

This function is the more important part of HR Service in India, and this is where reporting and compliances are executed. The entire workforce is structured into locations/departments/branches, relationships between managers and employees are defined, personal information is recorded and updated regularly, and payroll is aligned to various cost centers. Keeping it updated allows a business to offer employee self-service, magnify reporting and enrich HR service in India.

  • Optimization

Another significant function of an HRMS is to collect information and develop a futuristic vision for the workforce. Businesses that have proactively used HRMS to optimize their workforce are known to have better employee engagement, can successfully retain the best talent and are buoyant to change.

  • Payroll

HRMS allows automating salary calculations, salary deposits, tax filings, etc. There are many calculations in payroll, and HRMS solution eases them and makes things more accurate.

  • Workforce Management

Recording attendance, disciplinary action records, manager evaluations, and more are tracked in this function. The HR keeps an employee development record by keeping track of all this. It basically deals with incident recording functions, performance management, and compensation planning. It allows HR to develop overtime rules, approval chains, timesheet structures, goal management, the employee review process, time-off policies, and more.

  • Contingent Workforce Management

A business requires several people in its workforce to function smoothly and successfully. Besides full-time employees, there are others to contribute to their smooth functioning. This includes temporary employees with specific skills, contractors, interns, consultants, support for local community initiatives, and more. They may not receive payment like the other employees and are not eligible for benefits, but they are significant in the growth of the business. It is significant to track and keep a record of contingent employees and the costs incurred in having them on-board.

Now that you have an understanding of the functions of the HRMS solution let us explore its main features.

Features of HRMS Solutions

Depending on the different industries, the features of HRMS solutions will vary. It is important that you carefully assess the features of HRMS solutions provided by the provider to ensure they meet the requirement of your business. TopSource Worldwide believes in empowering our clients with powerful software that will make HR even more productive. Some features that we offer in Portico HR include:

  • On-Boarding and e-Exit Checklist

The onboarding checklist is a way for hiring employees in the organization. It displays a list of steps involved in guiding newly hired candidates through their initial days and/or months in the company. The checklist ensures all the important stages of the newly hired employees’ onboarding process are complete. It offers a starting point for procedures that are explicit to a job role. Similarly, the e-exit checklist is a list of procedures or actions that need to be completed when they terminate their employment with the current employee.

  • Compensation Structure

Compensation structure stands for a salary or wage structure and is a strategy used by HR that helps in determining how every employee is paid in the company. Our software offers all types of flexible and non-flexible components that will help in establishing the framework of your company’s salary structure so you can establish equitable and fair pay for all your employees.

  • e-Resignation

The e-resignation process will now be simplified with our software. Employees will now be able to put down their papers easily online. Even the approvals would be done online, and in case the employees change their mind, they would be able to withdraw their resignation too. The approval workflow in Portico is a rational categorization of tasks, including human approvals, to process certain data.

  • HR and Employment Documents

The software allows recording, updating, and storing the personal details of every employee that has joined your company. The personal details (name, contact details, date of birth, etc.), work pattern (shift timings, etc.), employment information (joining date, designation, department of work, location of work, etc.) are all maintained online in this software. Everything would be accessible easily to the HR or required department managers or even the employees on their personal dashboard.

  • Letter Generation Module for Standard Letters

The HR requires to circulate letters for the employees for general communication on office-related work or other communication in general. Portico allows you to generate standard letters with just a click of a button.

  • Auto Email Alerts for Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Wishing employees on their birthdays or work anniversaries is a great way to keep them engaged or motivated. It is a great way for employee retention. Portico enables this with ease.

  • Robust Reporting

Portico offers more than 200 predefined reports, which various departments can generate as required. The software also features an employee headcount dashboard which allows you to clearly see the number of employees in the company, including temporary, permanent, part-timers, or contract worker. It also has a query builder which allows HR to create database queries related to HR. This helps minimize HR queries that are usually left pending for a long time and often cause dissatisfaction in employees looking for some answers from HR.

Benefits of HRMS

The main function of a good HRMS solution is to have the information of your entire workforce in a central storehouse to which you have instant access whenever you want. You can make informed decisions, lower compliance risks, and keep your employees engaged. Some benefits of HRMS include:

  • Better Insights

It would be extremely difficult to collect and create data from different places – paper records or excel sheets, which would be a hurdle to smooth functioning of the business and its growth process. Having an HRMS allows you to gain a comprehensive view of the costs related to the workforce enabling clear decision-making. It is also essential in analytics initiatives and workforce planning. HRMS also addresses skill gaps and handles labour costs. It basically works as an early indicator of problems that in the future may hurt the progress of the business.

  • Process Efficiency

On an average, an HR professional may have to spend 40% of their precious time each week to respond to employee enquiries approvals or see to programs like performance reviews. HRMS allows easy set-up of a repository that employees can use to locate the answers to their questions. With every employee and manager having respective access to their records, approvals for leaves, etc., are easily taken care of within the department.
The HR is then able to deviate their focus on other jobs that provide increased value to the company.

  • Quick Recruitment

Candidate experience is significant in defining your business’s reputation. HRMS keeps the recruiters connected to the candidates through different smartphone applications and makes the process easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

HR can even access candidate-pooling technology that accelerates passive recruiting when new positions open up.

Where to Get the Best HRMS Provider?

TopSource Worldwide has always believed in providing exceptional services to all our clients. Leading as payroll service providers to top businesses, we have served more than 900 clients across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. We have a vision to provide quality HR outsourcing services India at a market-leading value while ensuring customer satisfaction. TopSource Worldwide has worked with several different industries, from IT companies to manufacturing industries and from engineering companies to pharma.We have a team of skilled and practiced experts in the field of IT and payroll to ensure that we provide timely services to our clients as required by them. We are also equipped with modern infrastructure and highly-advanced security systems, so your data is safe with us. You can contact us on our details mentioned below to learn more about our services.

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Published On: February 27th, 2022Last Updated: March 23rd, 2022

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