In December 2021, TopSouce Worldwide was fortunate enough to be joined by a new Chief Operations Officer, Bryan Davies. Bryan will be responsible for leading our operations and client relationship teams to provide a high-quality, responsive and compliant service to our global customers.

As a self-proclaimed business leader, Bryan’s focus and forte centres around empowering teams and employees to deliver the best results.

Graduating from Reading University with a Master of Business (MBA) degree, Bryan has had an impressive career to date, providing outsourced HR/payroll and BPO services to global organisations such as Capita, Zellis and Williams Lea, Citigroup and American Express. His international background in HR means he has incredible experience in successfully managing teams from all cultures worldwide. Bryan also has an Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring that’s bolstered his leadership abilities and given him the tools to manage teams with trust and respect.

Those who’ve worked with Bryan have referred to him as a truly inspirational leader with a solution-centric approach. His natural ability to develop exemplary customer service has been recognised throughout his career — underpinned by an ability to balance driving a business’ financial performance without compromise.

Bryan has a track record of consistently delivering and regularly outperforming his targets, whilst being a supportive and collaborative leader who treats his teams with respect and demonstrates great integrity and courage.

With his passion for outstanding customer service and his inclusive nature, Bryan has comfortably taken his teams from strength to strength no matter where in the world they’re based.

As such, we’ve been excited to welcome Bryan to the TopSource Worldwide team, as we’re confident our values are perfectly aligned, and we have no doubt that Bryan will be nothing but an accolade for our global operations.

Our values

At TopSource Worldwide, our company values are at the very core of our service offering.

Our ‘can-do’ attitude means we always try to default to optimism, putting our focus on achieving positive change and results in every situation. Being positive goes hand-in-hand with our adaptive nature that means we’re constantly challenging the status quo and striving to improve in all areas of the business.

We also work hard to hold ourselves accountable, building trust in our relationships both internally and with our customers by taking responsibility for our actions. This trust comes through in our drive for honesty, too, as we’re always true to our clients, to each other and to ourselves.

Despite our global coverage and unwavering professionalism, we’re proud to be personable. Each member of our team is a caring, compassionate, thoughtful and approachable individual that we’re confident will uphold our values.

And, of course, the TopSource Worldwide team is a tenacious one. Our determination and perseverance mean we work hard to deliver on our promises, individually and collectively.

We’re a trusted, reliable employer of record and payroll provider with clear-cut values that mean we’re the perfect partner to drive your business’ global expansion forward. To find out more about working with us, get in touch today.

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Published On: February 7th, 2022Last Updated: March 10th, 2022

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