Getting It Right, Every Time: Payroll in the UK


Managing your UK payroll seamlessly and compliantly — whether you have one employee or 20,000.

Introduction to this whitepaper

‘Payroll’ is about so much more than paying your employees’ salaries: it’s a complicated process that covers anything from employee benefits and insurance to accounting tasks like tax withholding.

To make things easier, companies often turn to local payroll providers to keep track of all the different payroll elements — from statutory filing and ensuring benefits are appropriately administered to accountancy outsourcing and HR functions such as keeping track of attendance, overtime and paid time off.

Payroll challenges are not unique to large corporations: EVERY business must ensure compliance or risk landing in hot water. So, even if you only have a handful of employees, it’s still crucial to get your payroll right — meaning businesses of every size can benefit from outsourcing their payroll.