Streamlined HR operations with Portico HR

Case Study

Find out how client was able to track payroll and HR data efficiently with the comprehensive payroll processing solution, along with Portico HR (HRMS) from TopSource Worldwide.

Introduction to this case study

The comprehensive TopSource Worldwide payroll processing solution, along with Portico HR (HRMS) and the Leave & Attendance Management system (LMS) from TopSource Worldwide, enabled the client to track their payroll and HR data efficiently.

The team at TopSource Worldwide capitalized on a fully electronic and centralized Leave & Attendance Management system for to recording the attendance of workers. It eliminated the need for workers to punch in the data. Also, as a result of automation, all data was captured instantly. This helped to generate timely payout reports and reduced errors in payouts. Various reports were also provided, which enabled them to better analyze staff performance.