Global Head of Human Resources – Client based in London, UK

We have a very complex structure and are dipping in and out of emerging markets all the time. TopSource Worldwide have been really happy to take the pain for us, and even going in and setting up in new markets where we’ve had requirements in countries where they haven’t previously been operational. We just need to provide a job description and some basic parameters, and put them in direct contact with our people on the ground in our countries and it feels like it’s an automated process from our perspective. The main benefit to us, aside from indemnification & risk management from a financial perspective, is that our employees feel properly looked after and legally protected, and we’re making the requisite payments to tax authorities so that things like state pension contributions etc. are fully captured. I am very happy to recommend TopSource Worldwide as a provider for our requirements around “umbrella” cover for locally based staff operating where we’re not yet incorporated.