Payroll Outsourcing Services for Large Companies

The Right Payroll Outsourcing Services for Large Companies To Enhance Efficiency

TopSource Worldwide offers a range of payroll outsourcing services for large companies. If you are looking for accurate payroll, standardized workflows, expense management, statutory filing, or analytics, we can help you. We have experienced staff with subject matter expertise in managed payroll processes, including taxes, reports, etc. This expertise and skills help us eliminate challenges, improve data-driven decision-making, and enhance business productivity.

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TopSource Worldwide is a leading end-to-end payroll management solutions provider for enterprise firms that provides services to streamline your entire payroll department. This includes salary dispatch, legal processes, deductions, tax filings, reporting, etc. Our payroll management services are carefully crafted and backed by industry-recommended methods and advanced technology. This enables you to streamline processes that might otherwise create risks and challenges.

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Our Payroll Outsourcing Services for Large Companies:

TopSource Worldwide ensures that you receive stress-free, simple payroll management services. We help your employees build trust in the company by offering them timely payments, quick issue resolution, and accurate payroll. This improves the operational efficiency of your payroll department.

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Customized Payroll Solutions We Offer for Large Companies

Payroll solutions

TopSource Worldwide is a leading payroll outsourcing company for large enterprises, which is why we understand how challenging the landscape is. Our payroll management systems are designed to control these challenges and offer accuracy, efficiency, and high quality. Our payroll management services offer tax filing, payroll processing, investment verification, project management, reporting, analytics, data integration, etc.

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Employee self-service (Portico)

TopSource as a payroll processing provider offers you Portico, a self-service portal for HR managers and employees. With the help of Portico, your HR department can streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Several modules inside Portico help your employees file for reimbursement, declare investment, and check their payroll-related details without hassle.

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Leave and attendance management

As a large enterprise, you need a structured attendance and leave management workflow. TopSource Worldwide is a payroll management service offering you a comfortable environment for leave and attendance management. You can integrate your systems with your existing technology, which will give you accurate data and timely leave and attendance details. Using this integrated system, you can make one-click reports and analyze business health easily.

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EOR/PEO companies

Other than payroll outsourcing services for large companies, TopSource assists your Employer with Record management. These EOR services ensure proper employee and business management. Right from hiring an employee to offboarding, your burden is eliminated. This includes activities like money management, reporting, onboarding, etc. With us, you don’t face challenges when you hire someone.

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Statutory filing/compliance

Isn’t it hectic to know about dynamic compliance and statutory laws? TopSource worldwide as a payroll outsourcing company offers seamless compliance management. You can follow compliance regulations like minimum pay and avoid fines, penalties, and other issues. Our statutory compliance services in India include income tax, provident fund, ESIC, professional tax, filing services, and other related compliances.

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Benefits of working with us

How our payroll solutions help large companies

TopSource Worldwide has a skilled, professional, and knowledgeable team of experts offering payroll accuracy, tax compliance, and streamlined workflows. We help you streamline the most critical tasks of your payroll processing. This empowers your team to focus on core business activities without worrying about payroll challenges.

Here is how we offer optimum payroll management services:

Success-oriented strategy
Valuable work ethics
Compliance and accuracy
Simplified payroll management
Seamless scaling
Business productivity and efficiency

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Our Indian payroll certifications

When it comes to choosing an outsourced payroll provider, you want to be confident that your provider’s system, process and technology platform will work effectively. We aim to be a trusted partner and deliver our promised service value through the effective application of systems and processes. We have been rigorously assessed by various regulatory bodies to ensure this is the case. So, you can trust that our payroll, accounting systems and technology platforms will work as desired.

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 for process management and information systems, respectively
SOC1: Type II for full SOX compliance
BACS-registered bureau (UK)
Money laundering registered (UK)
Data Protection Act registered (UK)
HMRC-registered bureau (UK)
GDPR (UK and India)
BSI 25999 business continuity and planning for disaster recovery


Payroll outsourcing services for large companies provide a range of feasible options, including streamlined process, accuracy, timely payroll management, tax compliance, etc. To receive these payroll management services and mitigate overheads of the payroll department, large companies use outsourcing.

TopSource Worldwide offers the following payroll management services:

Accurate payroll solutions
Employee self-service
Attendance and leave management
EOR and PEO services
Tax and statutory compliance

Here are a few questions you can ask your payroll outsourcing company:

What payroll management services do you offer?
What is the process followed to understand our needs?
What industry-recommended compliance procedures are followed?
What pricing models are offered for solutions and services?
what is security architecture of outsourcing solution?

Our clients

“We have been with TopSource for many years now, not only for India but for Pakistan as well. Their service, reliability and expertise have been exemplary and beyond comparison. We feel proud, and they are a pleasure to deal with.”

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