Payroll Outsourcing Services for Retail Industry

Better Productivity with Payroll Outsourcing Services for Retail Industry

Are you a retail company trying to streamline your payroll department?

Payroll outsourcing services for the retail industry from TopSource help you improve your payroll workflows, standardize processes, and ensure accuracy in expense management, statutory filing, calculations, and analytics.

The retail industry is a dynamic landscape, where there are more challenges than ever, such as strict schedules, time-intensive deals, and complicated employee management. Payroll in these circumstances is a challenging activity.

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For this reason, TopSource Worldwide has several experts who are experienced to help you with reporting, tax processing, and payroll accuracy. With our comprehensive payroll solution, you can receive optimum support for reporting, salary disbursement, analytics, legal activities, and tax filings. Our payroll processes are designed via advanced technology and intelligent workflows, which eliminates several challenges for your business.

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Our Payroll Outsourcing Services for Retail Industry

TopSource Worldwide offers simple payroll services to the retail industry. Our streamlined processes, secure environment, and skilled employees create an environment for trustworthy payroll processing. This helps you get on-time resolutions to challenges, accurate calculations, and seamless management. The operational efficiency and productivity of the business improve.

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Customized Payroll Solutions for Retail Industry

Payroll solutions

TopSource Worldwide is a payroll processing company and explores the challenging retail landscape to know indepth payroll issues. Based on our findings, we help you build accuracy, quality, and efficiency in your system. Our payroll solutions include processes like investment verification, tax filing, project management, data integration, and reporting.

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Employee self-service (Portico)

TopSource Worldwide as a payroll processing company in India offers Portico, a self-service portal. It improves payroll efficiency by allowing HR to know employee details and payroll intricacies in retail. Your employees can check their taxes, salary slips, payroll dispatch, declaration, and other details.

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Leave and attendance management

TopSource Worldwide has created a streamlined attendance and leave system for retail management. You can use your existing setup or technology for payroll accuracy. Further, you can get an integrated system for advanced one-click analytics and report relevant to your business.

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EOR/PEO companies

Other than payroll outsourcing services for the Retail Industry, we help you with Employer of Record (EOR) management. You can ensure proper employee hiring, reporting, money management, and offboarding. Every task included since onboarding of the employee is seamlessly handled without PEO and EOR challenges.

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Statutory filing/compliance

We help you stay updated with dynamic tax filing and statutory compliance regulations of the payroll industry. TopSource’s solutions are supported by industry experts, which helps us know compliance regulations deeply, like ESIC, minimum pay, professional tax, income tax, PF, etc.

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Benefits of working with us

How Our Payroll Solutions for Retail Industry Help Companies?

TopSource Worldwide is an entire community of subject matter experts, which allow us to ensure perfect compliance workflows and payroll accuracy. Our payroll outsourcing services for the retail industry are designed so that you can relieve your payroll challenges and focus on current and dynamic retail challenges.

Payroll outsourcing services for the retail industry:

  • Organized and driven payroll strategy
  • Accuracy and compliance
  • Structured payroll processing and management
  • Simple scaling of payroll services
  • Business productivity and efficiency
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Our Indian payroll certifications

When it comes to choosing an outsourced payroll provider, you want to be confident that your provider’s system, process and technology platform will work effectively. We aim to be a trusted partner and deliver our promised service value through the effective application of systems and processes. We have been rigorously assessed by various regulatory bodies to ensure this is the case. So, you can trust that our payroll, accounting systems and technology platforms will work as desired.

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 for process management and information systems, respectively
  • SOC1: Type II for full SOX compliance
  • BACS-registered bureau (UK)
  • Money laundering registered (UK)
  • Data Protection Act registered (UK)
  • HMRC-registered bureau (UK)
  • GDPR (UK and India)
  • BSI 25999 business continuity and planning for disaster recovery


When you are not using a payroll outsourcing service for the retail industry, you may face the following challenges:

  • The manual calculation for different retail employees
  • Unorganized payroll structure
  • Fewer staff members to handle the payroll of many employees
  • Lack of expertise for proper compliance and taxes

There are many benefits of using payroll outsourcing services for the retail industry:

  • Time efficiency
  • Business productivity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fewer penalties
  • Industry experience
  • Better security and compliance
  • Advanced technology usage

Payroll outsourcing services for the retail industry works in a unique manner.

  • You can discuss the requirements with the provider.
  • Receive a custom package according to retail requirements.
  • Connect with your contact person for optimized support.

Our clients

“We have been with TopSource for many years now, not only for India but for Pakistan as well. Their service, reliability and expertise have been exemplary and beyond comparison. We feel proud, and they are a pleasure to deal with.”

HR Head, South Asia, APL Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd