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An all-encompassing Payroll Outsourcing Services, localised for your organisation.

With remote becoming the new buzzword, managing payroll processing across multiple locations and adhering to multiple regulations is becoming common. TopSource Worldwide focuses on assisting businesses by providing payroll outsourcing services that are a class apart and meet both local and global standards. Our team of experts become the extended arm of your organization to offer hassle-free, comprehensive end-to-end employer services including integrated payroll & HR solutions, statutory compliance with TDS, PF, PT calculation, pre-defined reports for employee performance management, and more.

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We are a Payroll Outsourcing Company in Pune, with a difference. We offer diverse solutions that meet your specific requirements in terms of payroll systems and standards. We are technologically strong and create payroll management systems that are flexible and mapped to the specific client requirements. With our collective experience, we provide the best-in-class payroll management services and one-on-one support to serve our customers. We provide the entire range of employer services that allow you to employ and remunerate staff more easily and quickly, besides supporting you to meet the legal obligations. Whether you require a payroll processing company in Pune or worldwide, we design our payroll outsourcing systems and processes to fit your organization’s ecosystem.

Payroll outsourcing services crafted for your needs

Data segregation and labour-intensive payroll management can take up a huge chunk of an organization’s resources. We offer you a cost-efficient and reliable solution for your payroll management requirements. If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy Payroll Outsourcing Company in Pune, we are just a phone call or email away. So, what’s stopping you? Explore the options and get started. Now is the opportune time to venture into payroll process outsourcing.

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Key Payroll Solutions Offered

A quick look at what the total employer services cover:

Payroll solutions

Payroll operations are repetitive and time-consuming. As an outstanding third-party payroll provider in Pune, we understand it can be a bit too complex and side-track you from the core business. TopSource Worldwide offers comprehensive payroll outsourcing services by blending expertise with innovation. Our services focus on reducing the load on in-house payroll management, handling on-time payroll processing, investment proof verification, tax filings, reporting and analytics and more in compliance with the updated legislation.

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Employee self-service (Portico)

Portico™, our fully hosted HR data and payroll solution, makes employee self-service simpler. Built to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and reduce costs, Portico™ is flexible and can easily be customised to accommodate your requirements. The employee self-service module works as a user-friendly portal that allows employees to make requests, manage requests, and track request status. It includes various modules, including- modules — including Manager Self-Service, Investment Declaration, Helpdesk and Payroll Reimbursement.

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Leave and attendance management

Be it calculating the attendance or overtime, keeping an account of the leave types, leave tracking or managing leave applications TopSource Worldwide ensures that accurate data collected is available at all times. The online workflows make up-to-date and accurate information available at the click of a button. The smart solution with fully integrated systems allows you to generate diverse attendance reports for payroll processing.

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EOR/PEO companies

TopSource Worldwide offers more than just payroll management solution. We work as a PEO taking care of the HR-related operations such as payroll processing, tax remittance. We also offer employer of record (EOR) services through which we ease employee management by serving as a legal employer and become accountable for the payroll management of your organization. We focus on decreasing your burden of official hiring and employee management, covering everything from handling payroll taxes, payroll compliance, to reporting unemployment claims, FX management and international money movement till off-boarding.

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Statutory filing/compliance

The central and state laws about labour and taxation that define statutory compliance in India are diverse and dynamic. TopSource Worldwide stays updated about the smallest of changes to comply with the regulations, keeping your company away from any legal consequences. Right from PF and ESI preferences to managing professional tax and TDS through investment declarations, our India statutory filing services cover it all. We take care of the payroll management and ensure that they comply with the legal regulations, helping you reduce risks and avoid any kind of penalty.

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Benefits of working with us

How our payroll solution works?

TopSource Worldwide takes the complexity out of payroll management services. We work in harmony with the objectives of clients and add value through our insights into payroll solutions. We make the tedious payroll tasks faster through processes that are streamlined and automated. We create our payroll outsourcing services to ensure that your employees get paid on time and calculate the taxes right while you take care of the priorities of running your business. What we offer is not just a consistent and convenient solution but a sustainable long-term partnership. We, as payroll service providers, allow your business to:

  • Expand and grow locally and globally
  • Get value addition and flexibility that matches the growth
  • Build on the core business without worrying about the tedious processes
  • Stay compliant and stay away from legal issues.
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Our Indian payroll certifications

When it comes to choosing an outsourced payroll provider, you want to be confident that your provider’s system, process and technology platform will work effectively. We aim to be a trusted partner and deliver our promised service value through the effective application of systems and processes. We have been rigorously assessed by various regulatory bodies to ensure this is the case. So, you can trust that our payroll, accounting systems and technology platforms will work as desired.

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 for process management and information systems, respectively
  • SOC1: Type II for full SOX compliance
  • BACS-registered bureau (UK)
  • Money laundering registered (UK)
  • Data Protection Act registered (UK)
  • HMRC-registered bureau (UK)
  • GDPR (UK and India)
  • BSI 25999 business continuity and planning for disaster recovery


It is important to understand that there is a difference between the system you need and that you can afford. There are basically two standard pricing plans: monthly payments and per-payroll payments.

The monthly pay model covers a base monthly fee and a fee per employee, and a flat monthly fee provides unlimited payroll runs at no extra cost. The Per-payroll pricing stands for paying a fee each time the payroll processing cycle along with a per-employee fee.

Switching from one payroll provider to another or an in-house team to a third party can seem to be a huge undertaking. However, TopSource has a streamlined onboarding method, which makes the transition a simple, hassle-free experience. What we propose is the shortest period of four weeks to take over your payroll processing responsibilities, utilizing our 20 years of experience to ensure your move is as easy as possible. We use templates to capture all the details and work with you to change over smoothly.

We understand that every company has its own structure and creates a unique payroll plan for each of our clients. We employ a dedicated payroll administrator to answer all of your questions. We also implement everything from automation for IT declarations and payroll reimbursements. We also provide employee self-service and manager self-service and are flexible in adding additional features to cater to your requirement. We enable possibilities!

Payroll is iterative, it repeats as a weekly, monthly and yearly process. Unlike other functions, there isn’t a peak unless we are talking about mass recruitment or an unprecedented change in regulations. Payroll, hence, can be outsourced any time during the year and doesn’t need to be linked to the end of the tax year. TopSource Worldwide has robust processes that allow a seamless transition even during mid-year and ensure that all statutory filings and compliances are adequately covered.

Data secrecy and security have always been a priority at TopSource Worldwide. To ensure that the data remains secure, we have adopted best-in-class industry practices and placed multiple level checks to minimize error. TopSource Worldwide is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, and the processes are SSAE18 and ISAE 3402 compliant. We annually validate these processes and controls through independent audits and pen tests.

Our clients

“We have been with TopSource for many years now, not only for India but for Pakistan as well. Their service, reliability and expertise have been exemplary and beyond comparison. We feel proud, and they are a pleasure to deal with.”

HR Head, South Asia, APL Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd