Understanding the laws and regulations surrounding statutory reporting can be extremely cumbersomechallenging. It difficult because every nation and industry follows different rules. Are you struggling with compliance and worried about facing severe penalties? We have got you covered with our efficient statutory filing services in India.

A Glimpse into Our Statutory Filing Services

Provident fund
  • Upload ECR file and generate online challan
  • Assistance in preparing the different employee forms:
    • Form 2 – Employee Provident Funds Nomination
    • Form 11 – Declaration of employee for PF applicability
    • Form 9 – Employee PF membership Record
    • Form 19 – Employees Provident fund Withdrawal
    • Form 10C – Employees Pension Withdrawal
    • Form 20 & 10D – Employees Death Benefit
  • Form IW1 – Statement Showing the details of Employees qualifying for membership as International Workers
ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation)
  • Uploading electronic contribution on ESIC online portal to generate the monthly challan
  • Generating TIC (Temporary Identification Card) for new employees covered under ESIC
  • Preparation, verification and submission of:
    • Form 10 : temporary disablement benefit form
    • Form 13, Form 14A and Form 12A : Claim of Benefits
    • From 15 : Claim form for dependant’s benefit
    • Form 16 : Accident Report from employer
    • Form 17 : Dependant’s or funeral benefit
  • Assistance in settlement of Maternity Benefit in respect of women employees
Income tax
  • Income tax computation based on investment declaration and recurring and one-time payments
  • Investment proof verification at the year-end and for full and final settlements
  • Online payment of statutory dues
  • Quarterly e-TDS (Form 24)
  • Form 16 and Form 12BA at year-end
  • Filing of revised eTDS returns
Labour welfare fund & Profession tax
  • Generation of LWF Challan for the respective state
  • Generation of the PT return for the respective state

How Can TopSource Worldwide’s statutory compliance Service Help You?

We are one of the best statutory companies in India, dedicated to help you with different types of filings.

  • Tick off everything on the statutory compliance checklist and significantly reduce your risk of penalties
  • Maintenance of required statutory forms for employees and filing returns on time
  • Easy risk and economic capital management for cost reduction
  • Enjoy statutory compliance in payroll through effective management of Provident Funds, Labour Welfare Funds, and more



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Annette van Duijnhoven

”We searched the market for a local payroll vendor in 2014 and we chose TopSource as our partner. We were looking for error-free and timely payroll processing and TopSource Worldwide delivers this, saving us time and money. We have worked together for 8 years now and would recommend them to anyone."

Praveen Lihinar

”TopSource Worldwide has a detailed and methodical onboarding process that made it easy for us to get set up and running with our UK employees. They were able to take the worry out of trying to comply with all local laws and regulations. Because they have this knowledge we do not have to research on our own and hope we are in compliance. This has saved us hours of time and gives both the company and employees a sense of security."

Client based in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are statutory filings?

It refers to submitting legal documents on time according to government requirements.  

Are your statutory filing services compliant with Indian regulations?

Our team of experts have a comprehensive idea of “what is statutory compliance.” So, we will comply with the exact regulations in India to ensure 100% adherence.  

How do you guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of statutory filings?

We have a team of experts to constantly review different processes to ensure that we can precisely submit everything on time.  

Do you assist with annual compliance filings for companies in India?

Several organisations struggle to keep up with the yearly documentation requirements in the country. But we can help you every step of the way to guarantee 100% compliance without any issues.  

What types of statutory filings do you assist with in India?

From provident funds to tax filings, we can help you with everything. You can also trust us for ESIC and labour welfare fund filing requirements.  

Which types of entities can avail your statutory filing services in India?

Different types of companies in India can choose us to enjoy extensive statutory benefits for employees. Our statutory services are available for different types of organisations, including partnerships and corporations.  

Can you assist with resolving any discrepancies or issues related to past filings?

Yes, you will always get our assistance related to discrepancies in past filings. We will carefully evaluate your previous filings to remove errors and ensure smooth compliance.  

How can I remain updated on changes in statutory compliance requirements in India?

Staying updated about the constantly evolving requirements, along with an understanding of what is statutory form and other concepts, can be a little challenging. But working with professionals like TopSource Worldwide will make compliance a piece of cake.  

Contact us now to learn more about our statutory filing services in India.