Getting your head around the various laws and regulations that come with statutory reporting can be a little taxing — particularly when each industry and country have their own set of rules. But the penalties for non-compliance can be significant, so you want to stay on the right side of the law. Our India statutory filing services cover the following areas…

Provident fund
  • Upload ECR file and generate online challan
  • Assistance in preparing the different employee forms:
    • Form 2 – Employee Provident Funds Nomination
    • Form 11 – Declaration of employee for PF applicability
    • Form 9 – Employee PF membership Record
    • Form 19 – Employees Provident fund Withdrawal
    • Form 10C – Employees Pension Withdrawal
    • Form 20 & 10D – Employees Death Benefit
  • Form IW1 – Statement Showing the details of Employees qualifying for membership as International Workers
ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation)
  • Uploading electronic contribution on ESIC online portal to generate the monthly challan
  • Generating TIC (Temporary Identification Card) for new employees covered under ESIC
  • Preparation, verification and submission of:
    • Form 10 : temporary disablement benefit form
    • Form 13, Form 14A and Form 12A : Claim of Benefits
    • From 15 : Claim form for dependant’s benefit
    • Form 16 : Accident Report from employer
    • Form 17 : Dependant’s or funeral benefit
  • Assistance in settlement of Maternity Benefit in respect of women employees
Income tax
  • Income tax computation based on investment declaration and recurring and one-time payments
  • Investment proof verification at the year-end and for full and final settlements
  • Online payment of statutory dues
  • Quarterly e-TDS (Form 24)
  • Form 16 and Form 12BA at year-end
  • Filing of revised eTDS returns
Labour welfare fund & Profession tax
  • Generation of LWF Challan for the respective state
  • Generation of the PT return for the respective state

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