Many companies big or small nowadays are shifting to an HR management system instead of relying on a manual process. Employee performance reviews, work schedules, paid days off, benefits, and payroll management systems are all tracked by HRMS systems, which is a computer-based application. An HRMS solution like this could assist your business in ways that are cost-effective enough to justify the investment. In other words, a management system could pay for itself while increasing the efficiency of your organization.

In this blog, we are going to mention all the information related to HR Services & will discuss how it is more efficient as compared to manual processes.

Benefits of the online HR management system

  • Each person in today’s workplace is subjected to massive amounts of data. If you had to update employee data manually, you could spend all of your time doing so, from contact information to performance goals and certifications. A HR management system not only helps HR workers to update data quickly, but it also allows employees to update their information in some circumstances. This frees up your HR team to work on other projects.
  • Each employee’s health, life, and disability insurance, as well as workman’s compensation, paid time off, and retirement contributions, generate a maze of data. Keeping track of just one employee’s eligibility changes, coverage revisions, and 401(k) payments on paper may be time-consuming and confusing. Benefits changes for all of your employees can be tracked more efficiently by an HR management system than they can be tracked for one employee. A system can even alert you and your staff when modifications are required. When an employee turns 50, for example, the system may send him a letter informing him that he is eligible to make catch-up payments to his 401(k) that are higher than what he has been contributing.
  • Payroll is the most expensive part of running a business. You could go from profit to loss on a single project if you don’t keep track of what you pay in labor. A payroll management system can assist you in planning payroll for special projects, initiatives, and expansions in addition to providing information on your payroll expenses. This data can help you make better hiring decisions and staffing assignments. Employees can submit information into your HR management system as they finish professional development courses as part of the comprehensive training you provide. HR personnel can also enter any credentials, degrees, or accolades that an employee has received. When it’s time to fill a position from within, you can use the management system to generate a report that reveals which of your employees have the necessary training or qualifications for the new post.

Security and smoothness of online HR management system

HR Services provides a long-term answer to all of the HR-related issues. It improves the organization’s smoothness by-

  • Increasing efficiency

It opens the path for the HR department to achieve optimum efficiency in an organization by saving a significant amount of time.

  • Workload is reduced

The workload is another key impediment to smoothness, and the quality of work is occasionally impaired as a result. However, when HRMS software handles a variety of human resource duties, it relieves the HR department of a significant burden, allowing it to operate more efficiently.

  • Arrangement in a systematic manner

Large amounts of data may be managed efficiently with the help of Cloud HRMS, and backup facilities eliminate the risk of data loss.

TopSource Worldwide’s online HRMS system includes several advanced security safeguards that ensure the security of user data at all times, including:

  • Physical Protection

HRMS makes every effort to ensure that an application can only be accessed via a secure HTTPS protocol. It also includes the setup of antivirus software to track out threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Encrypting data

HRMS ensures that user credentials (username and password) are encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption technique. Encryption of users’ data avoids any form of mistake.

  • Controls for Internal Security

For the maintenance of user account security, HRMS online software provides a customizable password policy, as well as a data deleting policy for inactive users. It also includes IP-based restrictions, allowing remote login access to be limited to servers with certain IP addresses.

TopSource HR management System

Topsource Worldwide offers Portico HR, a comprehensive HRMS system for smooth functioning & securing data of a company along with various features which we are mentioning below:

  • A secure and flexible way to store and track your HR and Payroll Data
  • Can be configured to have tiered access to employees and managers
  • Cut-offs can be defined as per the tiered structure
  • A wide variety of reports can be generated such as headcount dashboards, analysis of employee counts by designation, location, grade, cost center, length of service, and training
  • Configurable HR Data and onboarding checklists
  • HR Documents – submitted by the employees
  • Employment documents – Offer letters, increment/revision letters, etc Benefits – employee assets, pension schemes
  • Employment history
  • E-resignation and exit checklist
  • Onboarding checklists managed online
  • Compensation structure
  • Leave Management Services
  • Letter generation
  • Event-based auto email alerts for birthdays and work anniversaries Strong reporting

Online HR Management System VS Manual Process

A manual process necessitates the management of the complete process without the use of any automated systems. It is solely dependent on human effort. It entails overseeing the entire procedure by hand. This would involve things like keeping track of attendance and calculating required deductions. There is a greater chance of making a mistake, and it is a much more time-consuming exercise. Recruiting, developing, and maintaining a team of highly skilled workers is also costly. Bottlenecks are more likely in the manual process. It necessitates a great deal of collaboration, as well as timelines, verification, and approvals. Inconsistencies are more likely in this system. It is very reliant on the fluidity of human action.

The processes in HRMS systems ensures efficiency while also removing a significant amount of effort. It takes a lot less time and effort. It is a significant investment, but one can expect to reap considerable benefits in the long run. A manual procedure may be impractical for larger firms with a large workforce and multiple locations. Along with HR-related problems the payroll process will be managed with a payroll management system as a part of the HRMS solution. These systems are centralized, and they collect data in real-time. There are fewer layers of coordination, verification, and approvals. Inconsistencies are difficult to detect in automated systems. They rely on computerized systems to function.

Why use an online HR management system?

  • HR information is easier to maintain and use with a single online HR database that is simple to keep up to date. Real-time reports are available, and alarms are automatically issued based on KPIs or other variables.
  • Manual processes, such as holiday approvals by email, consume time. E-mails are misplaced, entitlements aren’t updated, and everyone is frustrated. Everyone saves time by automating the approval process and updating data in real-time online.
  • Companies must protect employee data, regardless of where it is stored, under data protection legislation. It’s difficult to keep spreadsheets, e-mails, and paper-based forms secure. HR management systems that are specifically designed for this purpose create a considerably more secure environment.
  • HRMS solutions ensure that critical HR processes continue to function regardless of where employees are located. They can also assist businesses in better coordinating, managing, and motivating a dispersed staff.
  • Legislative compliance is made possible by the best HR systems. The features include everything from general utilities like document tracking and e-signatures to more customized functionality. For instance, to keep track of health and safety, grievances, and disciplinary actions.
  • Employee engagement can be greatly aided by modern HR management tools. The most effective systems serve as communication centers. They keep employees in touch with one other and with the company.

What HR processes do an online HR management system cover?

A core HR administration module is found in all HR systems. This aids HR professionals in organizing and managing the most critical information about the company (such as organizational structure, locations, cost centers, and so on) as well as their employees. They may also comprise features or modules that assist in the management of:

  • Onboarding of New Hires
  • Absence & Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Tracking of Time
  • Development and Training
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Shift Management and Rostering
  • Expense Management
  • Payroll and Pension Administration

Investing in modern, cost-effective HR Services will help you save time and money. Effective HR systems have a broader impact on corporate performance. For example, by assisting HR and line managers in making informed resourcing and development decisions, they can immediately identify absence or performance concerns, improve retention, and assist HR and line managers in making informed resourcing and development decisions.

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Published On: March 16th, 2022Last Updated: March 24th, 2022

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