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Thanks to backing from Horizon Capital, the group has gained significant funding, which will enable us to invest in sustained long-term business growth and accelerate immediate growth plans — driving success both now and in the future.

TopSource Worldwide is a truly global employer services provider, serving clients from every corner of the world and helping them stay compliant as they realise their local and overseas expansion plans.

As well as international employer of record services, we now also provide domestic payroll in the UK and India, multi-state & Global PEO and multi-country payroll, offering a complete suite of employer services. Our employment solutions allow you to employ and pay people promptly, consistently and compliantly — locally and internationally as it suits your business needs.

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Employer of Record

Complete employment contracts and management of employee benefits. We handle the entire hiring and onboarding process from payroll to termination where required.

UK Payroll

We provide all payroll calculations and deductions, including attachment of earnings, student loans, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, auto-enrolment, NI and PAYE tax.

India Payroll

We understand the central function payroll plays in every business. From accountancy outsourcing, statutory filing and HR to employee self-service, we’ve got your payroll covered.

Global Payroll

Our global payroll network consists of our own team and carefully selected partners — covering almost every corner of the world, from Asia to America to Europe.

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