Outsourced HR

Running payroll, HR and other employee-related administration can be difficult, that’s why you shouldn’t be doing it alone. We help businesses that operate in multiple countries and territories. Our global PEO services can help you take care of a range of functions such as the administration of payroll, benefits and compensation, and we do all the hard work for you. Even if your employees are working remotely, wherever they are in the world, we deliver the onboarding and consistent employee experiences they’re looking for.


A complete service


  • Remove barriers to expansion: make it faster and easier to scale your business internationally
  • Maintain global compliance: we can keep you on the right side of the law in every country you do business in
  • Access country-specific expertise: our experts can use their global payroll know-how to perfect your processes

Our solutions

Let us take the strain of handling your day-to-day accounting processes,  whatever the volume, across the UK and India. We can take care of your purchase-to-pay transactions reliably and quickly, seamlessly manage expense claims, and manage order-to-cash, reporting and reconciliations.

Whether you’re setting up accounting and payroll in a new business, or you’re looking for efficiencies in your existing operations, we can help you get modern, dynamic accounting expertise for less.

Whether you need to run payroll in multiple territories concurrently, or just in your home country, we have simple, cost-effective payroll services to help.

We can make sure your payroll always runs accurately and on time, thanks to fully compliant processing for even the most globally dispersed teams. Our experienced payroll experts, and access to skilled chartered accountants, can give you the confidence that your payroll is as seamless as it possibly can be.

Leave all the admin, stress and complexity of entity management to us. We can set up legal entities for your business in new territories, or assume the management and official responsibility for your existing ones, so that you don’t have to worry about payment delays, currency conversions or unnecessary bank fees.

Our entity setup, payroll compliance and simplified accounting processes can help you overcome border, time-zone and legal barriers, whatever the nature of your business.

Get all the help you need with onboarding, HR management, HR administration and much more. You can share many of your employee-related responsibilities with us, either through a joint employment or co-employment model.

It’s ideal if you’re deploying large-scale hybrid or flexible working models, with employees working from home that need the same experience that they would get in the office. We can get your employees up to speed fast, and ensure they always feel supported.

Hand the risk of expanding into a new territory to us as your global employer of record. You can take full advantage of our experience and expertise with employment law in more than 180 countries, and let us assume the responsibility of establishing your legal entity.

We can help complete employment contracts, manage employee benefits, and manage hiring and onboarding processes end-to-end. That way, you can test the waters of global expansion quickly, easily, and with full compliance with all relevant regulations.

At a glance


countries covered





How we can benefit you


Leverage our expertise

Our expert team knows all the ins and outs of payroll and employment law in 180 countries, so you can hire internationally with confidence.


Avoid the hassle of a legal entity

A global PEO means you don’t have to deal with complex legal entity set-up processes, making it quicker and easier for you to expand your talent pool.


Enable seamless benefit management

By handing over the administration of benefits like bonuses, paid leave and healthcare, employees can get the positive experiences they want.


Instant HR support

Our team is always on hand to help, whether you need legal advice or insights around best practices in recruitment policies and HR operations.

The process

How it works

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Make us your global PEO partner

We’ll get you onboarded with the help of your dedicated account manager

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Hire and onboard employees

Expand your talent horizons and recruit new staff with confidence.

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Hand responsibilities to us

We’ll make sure all your global talent is employed legally and ethically.

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Focus on your business success

Leave us to manage your everyday payroll and HR administration.

With TopSource we were able to have employees hired or maintained in Nutreco without having to establish an entity in these countries for only 1-2 employees. I think most countries are covered by TopSource, so they can help us with almost all cases. Good advice on conditions and direct contact with employees. Invoicing done directly to the company. An easy process compared to hiring employees by ourselves.

Annette van Duijnhoven

"We searched the market for a local payroll vendor in 2014 and we chose TopSource as our partner. We were looking for error free and timely payroll processing and TopSource Worldwide delivers this, saving us time and money. We have worked together for 8 years now and would recommend them to anyone.”

Praveen Lihinar
Sungard Availability Services India Pvt Ltd

TopSource Worldwide has a detailed and methodical onboarding process that made it easy for us to get set up and running with our UK employee. They were able to take the worry out of trying to comply with all local laws and regulations. Because they have this knowledge we do not have to research on our own and hope we are in compliance. This has saved us hours of time and gives both the company and employees a sense of security.

Client based in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

”We’re thrilled to have helped create a dynamic new employment solutions group, backing a highly talented team in a high-growth market. Now we’re looking forward to helping the group grow even faster.”

Vice President of HR
Client based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Common questions

What does PEO stand for?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organisation.

Why use a global PEO service?

A global PEO is ideal for businesses who want to broaden their international reach, but feel they need help from a HR or payroll perspective. This could be because they feel they lack the necessary expertise, or don’t have sufficient in-house resources in place.

What’s the difference between a PEO and an EOR?

PEOs co-employ staff in conjunction with the business in question, and take on particular operational responsibilities. An EOR, however, employs those employees directly and takes on all legal duties and compliance requirements.

What are PEO companies?

A global PEO works by partnering with an international business to co-employ staff, so that the PEO can assume responsibility for certain employee-related services, such as HR, payroll, benefit payments and tax remittances.

Is it better to go with a global PEO or a local one?

This decision depends on the potential scale of an international expansion, and especially how much country-specific expertise is required. In this situation, a global PEO is much more beneficial in making everything run smoothly.

Ready to become a true global employer? Talk to our team about global PEO services today.