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How Do Third-party Payroll Service Providers in India Make Payroll Easy for Employees?

Emma Cooney
India Payroll Director
June 8, 2022

Third-party payroll service providers typically provide several different services, such as:

  • Timesheet data integration into payable salary and tax liabilities
  • Tax deductions at source, tax filings and other deductions
  • HR Services and reporting to top management
  • Income garnishments and other unforeseen needs.
  • Discrepancies in payroll processing

What functions are carried out by third-party payroll service providers in India?

Companies specializing in payroll processing services work with their clients to ensure that employees are paid on time and the employer’s legal requirements are met. In addition, these organizations take away the stress of payroll processing from the organization and assume the responsibility of payroll and human resource tasks. Outsourcing payroll and HR services helps free up corporate HR executives’ time to focus on strategic initiatives rather than worrying about how and when individual employees are paid.

Payroll entails more than merely writing cheques and setting up direct deposit payments. Payroll service providers also provide several other services including: –

  • Employee attendance, HR services and timekeeping
  • Calculating payroll taxes and ensuring correct deductions are set up as well as adjusting direct deposit accounts
  • Integrating third-party and benefits plans to closely monitor the relationship between workers’ compensation premiums and actual payroll
  • Electronic payroll records are provided to employees and employers, guaranteeing compliance with all state and federal payroll rules.

Many businesses delegate some or all their payroll and tax-related responsibilities to third-party payroll service providers. As a result, they meet filing deadlines, deposit obligations and simplify business operations.

One of the other responsibilities of a payroll company is to simplify tracking employee attendance, time spent at work and to provide leave management solutions. Most third-party payroll service providers accomplish this by providing employers with punch-in or clock-in options. These options enable employees to use security badges or fingerprint scanners to clock-in and clock-out of their work premises. Employees in some companies use an online account or mobile-based apps to clock-in and clock-out in the instance of remote work.

Integrated Payroll Services assist companies in meeting their legal obligations and ensuring that the company complies with various labour regulations. In addition, because the information offered as part of these services is always current, organizations and HR services managers don’t have to waste time investigating recent labour law changes online.

Benefits of third-party payroll service providers

  •  Helps you save time

Payroll processing is time-consuming and challenging, hence it is necessary that your HR & payroll department stays up to date with state and federal regulations. On the other hand, it is easier to appoint a third-party payroll provider to conduct payroll and HR tasks quickly and efficiently for your organization. Outsourcing payroll also helps increase your employees’ productivity by allowing them to concentrate more on the duties at hand.

• Cost-cutting

Compared to hiring in-house payroll staff, third-party payroll save companies up to 18% on payroll costs. It is also advised to use an external payroll firm rather than a third-party payroll consultant because you’ll save thousands of rupees.

• Better business development

Running a business takes time and attention, and as a business owner, you can’t afford to waste time on tedious activities like managing payroll. Leave the grunt work to the professionals so that you can concentrate on your business goals. Outsourcing payroll to a third-party supplier has helped organizations to focus more on their core business activities and performance and achieving higher growth rates.

• A higher level of adherence to state and central laws 

Complying with state and central regulations requires ongoing attention and is best handled by outsourced payroll service providers. When tax filings are discovered to be non-compliant, they can result in penalties. Therefore, the support and help from a professional payroll service provider is there to help you avoid these common mistakes.

• Expertise in the field

A lot of companies prefer to use payroll processing service providers because they have the necessary professional knowledge and tools to ensure a seamless and error-free processing. When companies choose to outsource their payroll, one of their main concerns is data security. Giving access to your personal data and sensitive information can be daunting. However, this isn’t a big deal if your payroll service provider has superior security measures in place. Businesses do not need to be worried about the security of their data because these providers guarantee that it is secure and cannot be tampered with.

• Protection of Personal Information

Payroll processing, tax filing and reporting are just some of the services that a third-party payroll services provider might provide. If the payroll processing provider violates data security and confidentiality, you may be vulnerable to fraud and scams. It is advisable for you to evaluate data confidentiality and loss of information policies to ensure that your business and employees’ information is protected at all cost.

• Data Retrieval, Data Archival and Data Security

The security of data in payroll processing is critical for your organization, whether in-house or outsourced. When your employees’ data is in the hands of a third-party organization, you must exercise extreme caution because it can be exploited in various ways, posing a significant threat to your company and employees. Take some time to understand how the payroll services provider handles data and the level of protection given to your organization. Inquire about the provider’s previous experience with data breaches. If necessary, learn about their methods to store and retrieve data.

• Knowledge of the process and industry experience

A payroll processing service provider with little experience may mismanage your payroll operations, putting your organization at risk. You must determine whether the service provider’s knowledge and experience in the industry are appropriate for the business climate in which your organization operates. Research the payroll service providers’ current and past clients, their track record based on testimonials and company size.

• Accessibility and Employee Self-Service

Your ideal third-party payroll service provider should be able to provide your employees with self-service access to their individual payroll information. Your payroll administration system should be simple enough that your employees can access and manage their accounts independently. In addition, you must ensure that your service provider’s offering includes a dynamic Employee Self Service (ESS). This establishes a smooth link between employees and their remuneration.

• Customer Service for Your Company and Your Employees

The payroll service provider must be able to handle any payroll or tax concerns that arise in your company. You should examine the accuracy and reaction time of the service provider using the references provided by the provider. Also, make an effort to read and understand the service provider’s response policy to customer inquiries. When it comes to resolving payroll bottlenecks, quick and effective communication is critical.

How does TopSource Worldwide make payroll easy for employees?

It’s critical to choose your third-party payroll service provider to ensure that your payroll process runs smoothly. TopSource Worldwide provides many levels of Payroll services, making it easy for organizations to select the services that best suit their needs. TopSource is a significant third-party payroll service provider in India, providing a wide range of payroll processing, compliance & HR consulting. Get in touch with us if you want to outsource your payroll needs without worrying about accuracy, data protection, or compliance. TopSource Worldwide is a full-service payroll company with dedicated payroll teams.


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Emma Cooney
India Payroll Director
Emma Cooney is the Head of Global Sales Operations at TopSource Worldwide, a leading provider of Global Expansion services. She has 15 years of experience in Sales/Operations, where she has excelled at finding and implementing solutions that reduce costs, increase revenues, and enhance customer satisfaction. She has worked in both large and small organisations, gaining a broad understanding of the Sales Operations function and its role in supporting business growth. She works closely with the client-facing teams to understand and address the clients' needs and offer them the most suitable solutions for their success.

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