70% of professionals work remotely at least once per week*

53% work half the week or more, away from the main office*

There is no doubt that remote working is increasingly popular, offering reduced overheads to the employer and increasing productivity as the time spent commuting decreases.

It is easily argued that home working is a greener way of doing things and the employee benefits with greater control of their work-life balance. The trend in increased numbers of remote workers is set to continue with the technologies which enable collaborative working at a distance, ever more advanced.

But what happens when a remote working request isn’t just “can I work from my home office 3 days per week?” and instead involves the employee wanting to work from a completely different country?

There will, of course, be commercial considerations:

  • Is the work able to be performed at a distance?
  • Will timezone considerations make the required level of communication with the head office a headache to handle?
  • Can the role be undertaken entirely remotely if frequent office visits are an impossibility?

Many more practical and financial questions will need to be answered.

Assuming such a move is viable though, what are the compliance implications of your employee working from a foreign jurisdiction?

At TopSource Worldwide, we are commonly approached by an employee rather than an employer, someone who has instigated the move to an overseas territory for personal reasons and needs to show how it will work for their business.

And there are important questions that need to be answered:

  • How will I get paid?
  • Do I need a new contract of employment?
  • Will I need to make retirement savings while I am abroad?
  • What HR policies and other rules need to be adhered to?
  • Can I still get healthcare and other benefits?
  • Can I do all this if my company doesn’t have a subsidiary where I am going?

If the employing business has 6 months and plenty of money then there’s really nothing here which they couldn’t get their heads around and put in place in time. But experience shows that the finer detail hasn’t been explored far in advance and the infrastructure needed to employ hasn’t been put in place prior to a rapidly approaching move date.

At this point, a turnkey global PEO service which is easily turned on when needed and turned off when the employee goes home provides an ideal solution.

If you would like to discuss how TopSource Worldwide can make it quicker, safer and less expensive to have an employee working internationally, or you are that employee and you need to present a solution to your business, contact us via sam@topsourceworldwide.com or call (+44) (0)203 1370217.

* According to 2018 figures

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Published On: September 1st, 2019Last Updated: May 25th, 2022

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About the Author: Paul Sleath

Paul is responsible for global marketing and communications including brand, advertising, digital marketing, and demand generation. Paul has a wealth of experience previously co-founding PEO Worldwide and was also the former managing director of CPM People/Stipenda.