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9 Benefits of Working with an HR Consultant

What steps can you take when your company needs HR assistance? Anyone operating a business knows you can’t always do it all. Sometimes your business doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle certain HR challenges. If your company is facing challenges with their HR and looking for help, it may be beneficial to bring in an expert. Let’s explore the benefits of working with an HR consultant.
2 Aug, 2023
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Understanding the New IR35 Legislation

By now, most UK companies will have heard of IR35.
21 Apr, 2021
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Pension Schemes Around the World

Pensions differ wildly from country to country. If you operate across multiple jurisdictions, it’s critical to have a
26 Mar, 2021
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What is an Employer of Record?

Unless you have used Employer of Record services (EOR) in the past, chances are you won’t be too familiar with what
10 Mar, 2020
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How does GDPR affect cross-border employment?

GDPR is an EU regulation that obliges organisations to protect personal data and privacy of EU citizens. On the
28 Mar, 2019

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