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Using an Employer of Record in Germany

The most common way to employ people in Germany is through a German Limited company (GMBH). This is fine if you are based in Germany and have capital behind you. However this can also raise issues:
23 May, 2024
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How to Ensure Payroll Compliance with Local Laws & Regulations When Expanding into New Countries

Payroll compliance is one of the major challenges that all businesses face when expanding into new countries. We
14 May, 2024
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How to Navigate the Top Challenges of Global Workforce Management

Now, more than ever, expanding globally offers several exciting business benefits, including wider access to talent,
1 Dec, 2023
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What is Global Expansion? A Guide to Success

If you've come across the phrase 'global expansion' in a business context, or been asked to identify opportunities to
28 Nov, 2023

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