The most valuable resource for any business organization is its employees, as they play a vital role in accomplishing business goals. It makes sense then for companies to use a HR management system to recruit and retain the most talented people.

Today, recruitment is not just about filling vacant positions but also about talent management to improve productivity and efficiency. This has resulted in the need for a robust, integrated and automated HR Management system that combines all HR processes and systems to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition, manual hiring and onboarding processes can often be time-consuming and tedious. A HRMS can make the hiring and onboarding process simple, quick and efficient.

A HR Management System automates various aspects of recruitment such as sourcing and screening candidates, documentation, and onboarding as well as significantly reducing human effort and time spent in the recruitment process. As a result, a HR Management System improves the performance of the HR team and enhances the employee experience.

What Difficulties Do Indian HR Face When It Comes to Hiring?

The challenges that HR professionals might face will vary depending on the size of the company and the job role they are hiring for. A few common challenges faced by HR are mentioned below:

  • Attracting the Right Candidates

Finding and attracting the right talent is the main priority of any HR department. But unfortunately, it can be tough to find the right candidate with the right skill set from a pool of applicants.

  • Engaging Qualified Candidates

Recruiters regularly contact talented and skilled candidates, making it difficult for any recruiter to stand out. Furthermore, candidates with unique skill sets often consider multiple jobs simultaneously. Therefore, HR recruiters need to put extra effort and time into persuading preferred candidates to choose their company over competitors.

  • Delayed Hiring

As vacant positions can affect operational productivity, recruiters want to hire as quickly as possible. Yet, hiring a candidate may take a month or longerand a shortage of qualified candidates can delay the hiring process further. Additionally, a lengthy hiring process can result in the best and most talented candidates accepting job offers elsewhere.

  • Manual Data Collection and Processing

It isn’t easy to manually track data and trends accurately. Companies that use spreadsheets to collect and process recruitment data and metrics need to do manual work, which is prone to human errors.

What Makes a HR Management System So Dependable in India?

A HR management system automates various administrative operations, increases the efficiency of HR processes and simplifies HR tasks to enhance productivity and increase organizational efficiency. HRMS software enables end-to-end automation of HR processes and streamlines various HR activities like hiring, recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, payroll, training, attendance, leave management, documentation, etc. Additionally, a HRMS provides the HR department with tools and technology to reduce paperwork and easily access documents.

A HRMS enhances employee experienceand it allows HR to focus on core functions and growing the business. A HR management system is highly dependable for the following reasons:

  • Enables organizations to manage the complete employee lifecycle smoothly and efficiently.
  • Aligns HR strategies with business strategies.
  • Creates productive workplaces.
  • Helps companies to stay agile and connected through flexible architecture.
  • Transforms and modernizes HR functions.
  • Generates various reports at a click.

Features of a Robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in India:

Customized HRMS and payroll solution automates workflow and increases operational efficiency. A full HR Management System offers:

  • Automation of various HR processes and systems.
  • A secure and flexible method to store and track HR and payroll data.
  • Integrated modules for performance management, employees, payroll, attendance and leave management, etc., to streamline and maximize organisational output.
  • Generation of various reports, including headcount dashboards, analysis of employee counts by location, grade, designation, cost centre, training and length of service.
  • Customised solutions that are configurable to provide tiered access to employees and managers.
  • Easily configurable HR data and onboarding checklists.
  • Consolidation of documents e.g. Employment Documents such as offer letters, increment letters & revision letters and HR Documents submitted by employees.
  • Definitions of cut-offs according to the tiered structure.
  • Smooth communication with employees through mass email, text messaging and more.
  • Complete employment details.
  • Unlimited employee records.
  • Legal compliance with laws and regulations.

Third-party payroll processing companies in India can offer a HR and payroll management system that helps businesses to deliver better employee experiences.

Advantages of HR Management System

A HR management system automates different HR processes and systems, improves employee lifecycle management, employee engagement, boosts productivity and enhances legal compliance. Here are some of the ways a HRMS can help businesses to grow:

  • Accuracy

Automating HR tasks can eliminate the risk of human error which is important as the main reason for inaccuracies is manual intervention and complex workflows. Automating these tasks can help to streamline processes and reduce complexity. Also, automation reduces manual intervention, thereby reducing human errors.

  • Speeds up the hiring process

The most important task for any HR department is to speed up the hiring process. HR professionals need to create job listings, find suitable candidates, shortlist candidates, interview candidates, process paperwork and onboard employees.

A robust HR and payroll management system enables companies to create job listings, analyze CVs by keyword, compare candidates and automate paperwork to make onboarding smoother. A HRMS removes bottlenecks in the hiring process and makes it smooth and efficient.

  • Improved Employee Engagement

A HRMS and payroll solution is crucial in developing and retaining talent. It helps to create personalised learning plans, training curriculums, mentoring and career paths. In addition, a robust HR Management System helps to implement and track employee development programs.

  • Automate Repetitive HR Tasks

A HRMS and payroll solution automates various time-consuming and resource-intensive processes such as payroll, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, attendance and leave management, etc.

As a result, the HR Management System frees the HR department up from handling repetitive and routine admin work and allows them to focus on core functions. Additionally, automation improves accuracy, prevents duplication and eliminates errors.

  • Enhances Legal Compliance

The biggest challenge for HR is to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Fortunately, a HRMS and payroll solution helps companies to stay compliant and stay on the right side of the law.

A HR management system keeps track of new regulations, data privacy, changing laws and any other regulation that might affect your business and safeguards organizations by providing regular updates on compliance. Therefore, it helps them avoid to penalties and fines for non-compliance.

  • Payroll Management

Efficient payroll management is vital to keep employees happy, and a HR management system can help with several aspects of payroll processing, attendance and leave management, tax deductions, etc.

  • Employee Self-Service

Employees can access employee self-service portals to review their payslips, tax deductions, rewards and individual benefits. Access to all of this information means that employees don’t need to keep requesting this information from their HR department.

Employees can use the HR management system to analyse their performance and discuss ways to improve it, jointly with their managers. It helps employees to feel more confident about their work and development.

Why Choose TopSource Worldwide?

TopSource Worldwide is a leading third-party payroll processing company that offers a full spectrum of HRMS and payroll solutions in India. We at TopSource Worldwide have more than 18 years of experience in providing HR services and payroll outsourcing in India and serving diverse industries such as manufacturing, BFSI, engineering services and consulting, IT-ITES, pharma and shipping.

Our talented and experienced staff have in-depth knowledge and understanding of payroll and HR processes. As a result, our team can efficiently and effectively manage these to enable businesses to focus on their core business functions.

We provide cost-effective, agile, secure and scalable payroll and HR services in India. We help HR departments to get rid of mundane paperwork and tedious administrative tasks so that they can focus on core HR functions. Our cloud-based HR management system can store data securely and turns it into a valuable asset that companies can leverage to make informed decisions. We provide custom HRMS and payroll solutions that meet our client’s specific business needs.

TopSource Worldwide can simplify workflows and leverage our decades of experience to design innovative and scalable solutions for managing HRMS and payroll.

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Published On: May 13th, 2022Last Updated: July 19th, 2022

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