Employees may take time off for various reasons, including marriage, health concerns, holidays & other personal or emergency reasons. Depending on the company’s regulations, this leave may be paid or unpaid. Typically, companies provide employees with an allowance of paid leave that they can use as needed. However, even after this leave has been used up, the employee may continue to take time off without pay. A comprehensive system that can manage the entire process of employee leave workflows is called a leave management system.

One of the responsibilities of HR in the company is tracking employee annual leave using a leave and attendance management system so it is easy for an employee to apply for leave. Their managers, as configured in their approval workflow can approve or deny the request, allowing accruals, carryovers & payments to be determined depending on how much leave has been used.

A Leave Management System (LMS) automates the leave request process, making it easier for both managers and employees to complete it online. Your chosen leave and attendance management system should handle all stages of the leave management process, including application, approval/rejection, filing leave, monitoring remaining leave & analysis. Let us share some of the benefits of a leave management system.

Benefits Of A Leave Management System

  • Less Paperwork

Being able to avoid repetitive manual annual leave tracking work is one of the advantages of using a leave and attendance management system. A leave management system reduces the quantity of paperwork and simplifies the leave management processes. Employees no longer need to print or manually fill out leave application forms. When you have an employee leave management system at work, the entire leave approval process can be completed within a few clicks.

  • Automatically Adjust Remaining Leave

Purchasing HR management software is pointless if HR workers have to manually complete and update leave data. The entire process of tracking leave history and providing access to managers and employees is automated with the right leave and attendance management system.

  • Information & Updates in Real-Time

It is critical to have the right information when approving or applying for leave. It will be tough unless there is a leave management system in place that provides real-time information.

  • Administration Time Can Be Saved

The administrative advantages of a leave management system are also significant. Leave management is faster and more convenient now that repetitive tasks are eliminated. This level of automation saves a lot of time in HR administration.

  • Accurate & Transparent

The online leave management services provide a full view of all leave in a single dashboard. Managers can use it to get precise data on employees who are abusing the leave policy or who are not making use of their time off. This transparency can help to spot productivity lapses and to resolve any absence issues.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Leave Management System In A Small Company in India?

It is critical for a company’s success to have a reliable leave management system. Poor leave management strategies can negatively influence employee performance. It can also impact employee morale and, as a result, work output.

Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary to have a leave management system in a small company:

  • A good leave management system boosts employee satisfaction, enhances transparency & reduces the number of unforeseen events. Unexpected or excessive absence is can also be investigated and eliminated.
  • The expenses related to leave and absence accounts for around a third of a company’s payroll. As a result, it’s critical to have a good leave management system in place. Paid leave has a major influence on the financial results of small and medium-sized businesses. The cost of setting up and maintaining a leave management system is outweighed by its benefits. Because these solutions are hosted in the cloud, the prices remain affordable and the effects can be seen in a matter of weeks rather than months. The result is clear: using an effective leave management system will help save administrative expenditure.
  • A leave management system eliminates the need for paper-based procedures. If you’re still using Excel or internet tables to figure out how many days off each employee gets, it’s time to upgrade. Excel PTO sheets are not recommended since they can generate errors and can be exploited by employees and calendars are not designed for recording leave. When modifications are made to such XLS models, managers are not notified and when systems crash, all records can be lost.
  • As a HR manager, you will know who is in the office, who is frequently absent and how productive the company is. The HR department knows who they can count on as a team leader. If someone wants annual leave, the department can easily approve or deny it because they know other co-workers can cover it.

TopSource Worldwide Leave & Attendance Management System

TopSource Worldwide offers Portico HR for employee leave and attendance management, which has several benefits, it reduces the risk of human error & saves time and money. As an online leave management tool, Portico HR provides a better platform for employees and employers to manage the entire leave & attendance management process efficiently.

With automated leave management, the company is able to simplify the entire process of managing leave, from annual leave policy to leave requests to tracking time off. You can effortlessly synchronise employee leave, holidays, employee shift timings & attendance with payroll by using a leave and attendance management system.

TopSource Worldwide makes it simple to track and manage employee leave without jumping through any administrative hoops.

In addition, our completely integrated system allows you to create one-click attendance reports for payroll processing.

TopSource Worldwide Leave Management Services, in summary:

  • Allow you to set up various leave categories such as sick leave, vacation leave, time off in lieu, maternity leave & marriage leave, amongst others.
  • Integrates input from a biometric attendance system, keeping track of attendance.
  • Employees can submit leave requests and check their status online. They can also view their remaining leave balance and leave taken.
  • You can produce leave and attendance reports with a single click for payroll processing.
  • Businesses can use our system to manage, monitor, track & analyse employee attendance data.
  • It’s safe to use and may be accessed via the web or a mobile app.
  • To ensure that our systems are of high quality and are fully compliant, they are monitored by leave and attendance management specialists.

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Published On: May 16th, 2022Last Updated: May 18th, 2022

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